Your Numerology Blue Print Reading

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Your Numerology Blueprint  reading  will tell you about:

  • Your Six Core Numbers which are: Your Life Path Number, Your Attitude Number, Your Soul Number, Your Personality Number, Your Destiny Number, and Your Birthday Number.  
  • Your Power Number (which is your secondary energy that has an overall effect upon your Core Numbers)  
  • Patterns: This will be a summary of your overall Blue Print and will tell you what repeating numbers you may have, if you have any master numbers and what they mean, and any of your number compatibilities, conflictions, and/or challenges.  

I will also touch upon your numbers' correspondence with Astrology!

In order to do your reading, I will need three pieces of your information, in which you can either send me via the contact page on this website , or email this information directly to me at: 

After you make your purchase, send me the following information: 

  • Your Official Birth Name (This would include your middle name, and be the original full name that appears on your Birth Certificate)  
  • Your Full Date of Birth 
  • Your Current Name (This maybe the same as your Official Birth Name, or may now of course be your married name--or in the rare instance that you had your name legally changed!---)

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via my contact page on this website, or email me directly at: 

I will get back to you As Soon As Possible! 

Love & Light,