Angel Oracle Card Reading

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The Angels are powerful divine beings who are the messenger's of God. They have served as Messengers and appeared among people since Biblical Times as documented in the Bible and other religious and holy texts.  This reading will seek out wisdom and ask the Angels what messages they have for you and your personal situation.  I have engaged in extensive study and meditations that allow me to connect with the Angels and provide you with their most heart-felt and clear messages that they have personally for you. You will receive a detailed write up of your reading along with pictures of the cards by email. 

For this reading I will need;

  • Your Name
  • Your full Date of Birth
  • A working email address 
  • Your question and/or concern that you would like me to focus the reading on, if you do not provide me with one, I will simply find out what messages the Angels have for you by doing a general reading. 
  • For any questions message me at or send me a message here.