Astrological Birth Chart Readings & Other Metaphysical Readings

I offer a variety of different readings.  One of my most popular is the Natal Chart Reading. I also offer other popular Astrological Readings such as personalized forecasts, yearly horoscopes, astrocartography (relocation) readings, and love and compatibility readings.   I also offer Numerology Readings.  The most popular numerology reading is the Personal Personality Reading. This reading will tell you all about your life path number, destiny number, what they mean for you, and much more.  Palm readings are also offered, drawing from ancient knowledge.   I -Ching readings are ancient and wise in nature and will give you the divine guidance you are looking for.  I also offer Tarot readings that deliver great insight and guidance for you.  I also offer special consultations where we can do a hybrid reading or personalized for your particular situation.   I now also offer the ease of live chat psychic and counseling sessions! Just sign up directly with the button for a live reading whenever I am online! If you have any questions about any of the readings feel free to email me at   

Note: All Readings/Intuitive Counseling Services are non-refundable****