Natal Astrology Accredited Masterclass: Learn how to Start Interpreting Birth Charts

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All classes from Astrology by Melody are proudly accredited by the International Association of Therapists! You have the option to complete the course, along with a minimum of a 2-hour practicum and receive your Accredited certificate! Not only this, but you will then also be eligible for membership from the International Association of Therapists at a greatly discounted rate of $10 a year! 

Course Introduction & Overview:

Introduction & Overview

Welcome to the Natal Astrology Masterclass!  This course is beneficial for anyone who would like to learn more about Natal Astrology.  The course is divided into the following sections:

  1. The Planets & the Solar System
  2. The Zodiac Houses & Zodiac Signs
  3. The Aspects: Major & Minor
  4. Chart Interpretation & Patterns in Natal Charts
  5. PowerPoints & Astrology Meanings & Glyphs Document- Email to get these emailed to you. 


Just Some of what you will learn and get from the Course:

  • Learn about the planets of the Solar System and what they mean in Astrology
  • Learn about the Zodiac Signs and the Zodiac Houses
  • Learn about the Aspects in Natal Chart Readings
  • Learn about the different Patterns in Natal Charts
  • Get PowerPoints that will help make your learning easier and more practical.
  • Option for Completing a Practicum by completing a Natal Chart Exercise or Quiz about the Class (ask for via email (  if interested in completing) Note: Please do not request the practicum unless you are serious about completing to obtain a certificate of completion. Thanks.
  • Certificate of Class Completion (Optional, if completing Practicum)