The Astrology of the Tarot Masterclass

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Course Introduction & Overview: 

Introduction & Overview

Welcome to the Astrology of the Tarot Masterclass! This course is beneficial for both Tarot enthusiasts and anyone who feels they can benefit from learning about the Tarot.  The course is divided into the following sections:

  1. The History of the Tarot
  2. Meanings & Messages of the Tarot- The Major Arcana, The Minor Arcana, The Suits, the Court Cards, General meanings
  3. The Tarot & Astrological Correspondences- Zodiac & Planetary Correspondence
  4. The Tarot & Numerology Correspondences & Affirmations
  5. Connecting with the Tarot- Spreads, Layouts, Tree of Life Connection, Tarot Communication Exercise.

Just Some of what you will learn and get from the Course:

  • Learn the Astrological Correspondences of the Tarot Cards
  • Learn the Numerology Correspondences to the Tarot Cards
  • Learn how to better connect with the most popular and trusted divination system known and used for ages
  • Option for Completing a Practicum by completing the Tarot Communication Exercise within the Course (ask for via email (  if interested in completing)
  • Certificate of Completion (Optional, if completing Practicum)