Palm Reading

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This Reading will tell all about you according to:

  • The shape of your hand
  • The Mounts of your hand
  • The shapes of your fingers
  • Your Thumb Type
  • Your Nail Type
  • Your hand color Type
  • Your Head Line
  • Your Life Line
  • Your Heart Line
  • Your Fate Line
  • Your Sun line
  • And any other impressions or dominant features I may see within your overall hand.  Please email me a close up picture of your right hand (Left hand only if you are left handed).  Send a picture such as this example below: Email clear picture of your palm like the one below as an attachment to:   Please make sure the picture shows your whole hand and including fingers and finger tips, and wrist so I can get a complete reading.  Your will get a detailed write up that you can refer to at any time.