Personalized Astrology Forecast Reading

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This reading shows the astrology  trends influencing your life over a period of a year. The reading will tell you favorable times for areas of your life such as business, career, love, and recreation.  It will also tell you unfavorable times regarding these areas. Personalized Astrology  Forecast Reading are each made with special and personalized care.  Use it as a roadmap, guide, or for inspiration.  The reading will help you know what to expect and how to prepare in terms of favorable and unfavorable times surrounding important and key areas of your life. 

You will receive a detailed horoscope with a detailed write up, it will consist of about 12 or more pages, depending on the number of astrology transits for the designated time frames. 

The duration of each trend is indicated by a starting date, an ending date and strongest influence date. Further, an influence may begin before the time frame of the report or end beyond it.

Be prepared to slide the sequence of trends either forwards or backwards in time if necessary. In some instances, there may be interpretations that repeat themselves. This is due to the cyclical and forward and backward motion of the planets activating points on your chart more than once in the period under review.


I will need:

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