3 Tarot Card Spread

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The tarot cards are ancient, mystical, and represent strong universal archetypes that we see as cycles  throughout our lives. Acclaimed psychologists such as Carl Jung spoke a lot of these types of archetypes in which we see within the cards.  If you are looking for insight and/or guidance into a matter that is important to you, I would be honored to do a reading for you combining the power and knowledge of the cards/archetypes along with my own intuitive abilities, and my own extensive education in the fields of psychology and metaphysics.  The three card spread will take a look at the past, present, and future, or rather can also be referred to as the context, focus, and outcome of a situation/ideal.  I also go over the astrological correspondence of each card within the reading. 

Here is what I will need to do your Tarot Reading:

  • Your Name
  • Your Full Date of Birth 
  • Your Full and working Email Address 
  • A brief summary of your Question/Concern that you want me to look into

***Please be willing to hear what the cards are telling you, as they might not always tell us exactly what you want to hear.  They are not always black and white, cut and dry, answers either, and they nor I ever claim to tell you to do something, as you are responsible for your own choices and destiny.  The tarot at times may present possibilities and point to the best pathways you can choose.  They mainly give you guidance, insight, and present to you sound advice and wise knowledge.  Remember we are tapping into higher knowledge, and sometimes higher knowledge is not as easy or as quick to understand.  I only do my readings with prayer and protection from God and all of his holy angels.  If you have more questions about this type of reading, feel free to email me at astrologybymelody@gmail.com 

**Also keep in mind all of my readings are for entertainment purposes only and you must be of 18 years old.