Tarot Reading/Spiritual Consultation Via Zoom Audio Call

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I am now offering an option for Zoom audio call Tarot readings/Spiritual Consultations. I am currently offering 15 minute and 30-minute consultation audio calls.  

This is an opportunity for us to connect off of your voice vibrations and see what the spirit brings forth for us together for your best and highest good! Grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and let’ see what spirit has in store for you.

Upon placing your order for your desired time increment, we will schedule the call time. If we are in different time zones, we will discuss how to coordinate a time that works best for you. I am located in the U.S. Eastern Time zone.

After we set the time for the call, I will set up the meeting for the call and send you the link for joining the meeting call at the designated time we agree upon. Please form your questions/concerns ahead of time for the call. Also, have your date of birth ready, as well as anyone else’s first names and dates of birth who you may have a question/concern around. Please allow for a background free from extra noise to ensure our call goes smoothly in terms of hearing each other.

As unexpected things can arise, if you must reschedule the call, please give me 24-hour notice. I will reschedule the call up to 3 times maximum for extenuating circumstances. All Zoom Audio Tarot readings are non-refundable, like the rest of my astrological and metaphysical readings.

Please be at least 18 years of age and I do have to always put a disclaimer that lets you know all readings are for entertainment purposes only. In terms of medical or law centered questions/concerns, I can only tell you what comes through spiritually, as you must consult a licensed medical doctor or an attorney for specifics on these types of topics.

Currently, the calls are audio only, not video.