Twin Flames & Soul Mates Oracle Card Reading

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Whether you are seeking love and union with your twin flame, soul mate, or life partner, or are already in union with yours, this reading is for you. This reading will bring you clarity and guidance on your most pressing questions and concerns regarding your love. You may have a question about your current relationship, or about a potential partner. 

The oracle consulted for this reading was made specifically for twin flames, soul mates, romantic partners, and lovers.

You will receive a detailed write up and pictures of the cards.

Please send the following information in the Notes Section with your order, or email it to:

  • You Name
  • Your Full Date of Birth
  • The person in Question’s Name & Full Date of Birth (if you have it)
  • A brief description of your question/concern.

If you do not have a specific question, and would just like a general reading, please specify: General Reading.”