Your Complete Numerology Personality Profile

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This new and updated Numerology Reading follows the methods of world- renowned Numerologist Hans Decoz. It is one of the most complete and accurate Numerology Personality Profiles available.  The Reading will tell you about:

  • Your Life Path Number
  • Your Birthday Number
  • Your Expression Number
  • Your Minor Expression Number
  • Your Heart’s Desire Number
  • Your Minor Heart’s Desire Number
  • Your Personality Number
  • Your Maturity Number
  • Your Bridge Numbers
  • Your Karmic Lessons
  • Your Hidden Passion
  • Your Planes of Expression, including your physical plane of expression, your mental plane of expression, your emotional plane of expression, and your intuitive plane of expression.
  • Your Balance Number
  • Your Cornerstone Number
  • Your Subconscious Self Number
  • Your Challenge Numbers

In order to do your reading, I will need three pieces of your information, in which you can either send via the notes section of your order, or email this information directly to me at: 

After you make your purchase, send me the following information: 

  • Your Official Birth Name (This would include your middle name, and be the original full name that appears on your Birth Certificate)  
  • Your Full Date of Birth 
  • Your Current Name (This maybe the same as your Official Birth Name or may now of course be your married name--or in the rare instance that you had your name legally changed!---)