A Forecast for Cancer: February 18, 2019

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A Forecast for Cancer: February 18, 2019

A Forecast for Cancer:

Mercury is in Pisces now until April 17th 2019.  This puts Mercury in the 9th house for Cancer. If you aren’t already, you or someone close to you could become involved in international trade. You could also be studying this area.  You may also gain some important new foreign contacts that will be either involved in your work or educational pursuits. 

Venus is now in Capricorn until March 1, 2019.  On March 1st it enters Aquarius and will stay there until March 26, 2019.  Venus will be in Cancer’s 7th house and then moves to the 8th house.

Things are looking very good in terms of love and sexuality at this time. However, there could be a person posing as your friend who is jealous of your love relationship behind your back. If you are single, this friend is still envious of your seemingly charming ways of attracting love into your life.

Mars is now in Taurus until March 31, 2019. This puts Mars in Cancer’s 11th house.

Expect some quarrels with friends and within your social circle during this time. There’s even a good chance you could lose a so -called friend.  Don’t despair, you are probably better off.

Jupiter is now in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019.  This puts Jupiter in the 6th house for Cancer. You will be lucky in your work this year and important people will notice your good efforts and service to others.  Your health will also be on the looking up as you embark upon a new regimen. 

Saturn is now in Capricorn until March 22, 2020.  This puts Saturn in the 7th house for Cancer.

Your partner is going to be extra supportive to you during this time. If you are single, a serious and hardworking lover will be entering your life.  You will form a strong and solid relationship. You and your partner will have similar ideas and goals to put into action. You will both get there but it may take longer then you both thought. 

The Lunar Node is in Cancer all this year. This puts the Lunar Node in Cancer’s 1st house. The Universe is telling you to put yourself first this year. This means your health, personal interests, new projects, aspirations, and everything that is close to your heart.   Your destiny involves doing something you love.

Some Aspects/Important Dates:

On February 20th, Mercury will be sextile to Saturn.  Your partner will be serious about helping and supporting you with your educational goals and/or endeavors.  If you are single, you may meet a new partner who is serious, hardworking and influential for you.

On February 25th, Mercury will form a trine to the North Node.  This will signify a new beginning for you in terms of higher education and/or travel. You may receive a written correspondence or some type of communication regarding an invitation to participate in an educational event and it may be over seas. 

On March 1st, Venus form a square with Uranus.  Your work and love life will collide. You may find yourself in a tricky situation having to decide between work and a loved one. It seems no matter which one you choose, you will be up against some opposition. 



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