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Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and business. When the Moon is in Gemini, it creates an opportune time for you to focus on communication, socializing, social events, and friends. It is also an ideal time to plan any short trips, as Gemini loves to travel.  Gemini is also connected to the third house of the zodiac, which is all about teaching, learning, local travel, siblings, and your immediate environment. Ask yourself the following questions to help you harness the energies of this New Moon: What social gatherings and events would I like to plan or attend?...

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The Spring Equinox has also arrived! Now is the time to start planting new seeds and to create something new.  It is also a great time to set your intentions and goals for the season.  It is time to step into the light, as the days will start to stay brighter longer. Here are some questions to help you brainstorm and get you working with the Spring Equinox energies: What do I feel inspired to create? What clutter should I get rid of so that I can clear and recharge my space? What baking or cooking would I like to...

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It is now that time to embrace the darkness as we are now experiencing our longest nights! Spending more time in the darkness gives you more of the opportunity to go within. Focus on your own personal illumination through introspection, meditation, and candle work.  Prepare for the holidays and festive season. Here are some activities you can do for Yule: Relax by the fireplace. Watch the sunrise. Make your own Potpourri. Decorate with holly, pinecones, mistletoe, and candles. Burn incense such as cinnamon, clove, mint, pine, and myrrh. Use crystals such as snowflake obsidian, snow quartz, ruby, garnet, and bloodstone....

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Samhain marks the midpoint between the Fall and Winter Solstices. It is a time to start to prepare for spending more time in the darkness and embracing your shadow side. It is also a time to honor your ancestors and those who have passed on. This season of year is often described as the time the “veil is thinning”. This describes the thin boundary between the physical world and the spiritual realm. Spirit communication becomes easier and more obtainable during this time. Here are some simple rituals you can do to celebrate Samhain: Create an ancestor altar. Leave offerings outside...

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It’s the first day of Autumn!  The Sun is now in Libra. The days will start to lessen, as the nights will get longer.  It is time to start to prepare for the harvest season with gratitude and delight! Here is a list of ideas to celebrate the season: Do a major clean up within your home and give items you are no longer using to charity. Bake bread or apple themed dishes. Have a bonfire. Go on a nature walk. Make an Autumn potpourri. Decorate your home or your altar for Mabon. Journal about what you would like to...

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