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With the New Year upon us, we can feel refreshed and renewed as we are about to enter an entirely new cycle in our lives.  As we look at the beginning of January, the date of January 11th stands out as a very powerful day energetically with regards to numerology. Let’s take a look at this date broken down. Finally, we will see what special message the angels and ascended Masters have for us for this special day. The Numerology of Number 1 Number 1 represents individuality, independence, and self-sufficiency. This number resonates with a person who is original and...

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How to Connect with your Angels Invite them in out loud-Angels are all about honoring your free will. They will not intervene if you do not ask for help. Divining Tools- Work with oracle cards, Angel cards, pendulum, Tarot, etc. Recite a spoken prayer beforehand asking for your Angels’ guidance. Follow your Joy-Joy is the language of Angels. Being in joy lifts your frequency until they are only a breath away. From this state you are primed for Angelic guidance and downloads. Create a language of Signs- Ask you angels for specific signs. Assign meanings to the in advance and...

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Dreams- Pay attention to your dreams (especially themes and signs or symbols that stick out to you- like a bright red tomato in the middle of a field for example). Research these things upon waking to find the message. Since dreaming puts us in altered state, we are closer to the spirit world. This is a time when our spirit guides can try to get our attention through visions, noises, feelings, and sounds in the dream world. They can also communicate with us telepathically easier when we are in the dream state. “Coincidences”- If you start having a ton of...

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