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The New Moon in Virgo is an opportune time to start new tasks lists and to set new priorities. This fresh energy will help you to feel motivated to get practical tasks done. It is also time again to take an audit of your health or those you love and make any necessary adjustments. This energy is also caring and dutiful. It creates an ideal time to ask yourself what you can do for others and for your community at large. You can ask yourself some of the following questions to jumpstart your thinking with this energy: What practical tasks...

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The Sun enters the practical and nurturing sign of Virgo today! Let’s have a look at the energies of the day, as well as any major aspects the Moon will be making. The Sun is in Virgo With the Sun in Virgo, you will be feeling analytical, coupled with an appreciation of order, and you will have a practical approach to things. Precise and exacting work is your forte right now, and you will be exceptionally talented when attention to detail is required.  You will have a critical nature and the ability to offer constructive criticism wherever appropriate. However, be...

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