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Astrologically, Capricorn relates to the 10th house and Midheaven.  When there is a New Moon in Capricorn, it creates an ambitious and motivated energy around career and work life. This is the opportune time to set specific career goals, take a new class, or acquire new skills that will boost your career. It is also a time to take an audit of any  negative habits that may be setting you back from achieving more in your career and work, and replace them with more positive ones. You can ask yourself some of the following questions to help capture this New...

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The New Moon in Scorpio is the ideal time to work on intention setting, especially to do with important changes you would like to make within your life. Scorpio energy is home to the 8th house of the zodiac, which is all about changes and transformations. The 8th house also carries themes of unconventional and taboo topics, which makes it a great time to practice shadow work. Here are some ways you can practice: Notice when you judge, criticize, or blame and pause, then ask yourself: What in yourself are you avoiding by focusing externally? When you feel jealousy, anger,...

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The Sun enters the practical and nurturing sign of Virgo today! Let’s have a look at the energies of the day, as well as any major aspects the Moon will be making. The Sun is in Virgo With the Sun in Virgo, you will be feeling analytical, coupled with an appreciation of order, and you will have a practical approach to things. Precise and exacting work is your forte right now, and you will be exceptionally talented when attention to detail is required.  You will have a critical nature and the ability to offer constructive criticism wherever appropriate. However, be...

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The New Moon in Leo is an ideal time to build up your confidence and self-expression. It’s also a time to be courageous and face any confrontations head on. The energy is set for creativity, artistic pursuits, and entertainment. Here are some journal prompts you can use to help your work with this New Moon energy: How can I work on my self-confidence? How can I entertain friends, family, and those I care about? What do I need the courage to confront in my life right now? What are some of my intentions and/or goals for this New Moon? Leo...

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Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and business. When the Moon is in Gemini, it creates an opportune time for you to focus on communication, socializing, social events, and friends. It is also an ideal time to plan any short trips, as Gemini loves to travel.  Gemini is also connected to the third house of the zodiac, which is all about teaching, learning, local travel, siblings, and your immediate environment. Ask yourself the following questions or use these prompts for journaling  to help you harness the energies of this New Moon: What social gatherings and events would...

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