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Learning Tarot is an endless journey. There is always more you can learn; you can always go deeper.  It can be easier at times to read for strangers than friends, family, or even yourself. The more you practice reading for other people, the better and more confident you will get. Sometimes the decks you do not expect are the ones you end up connecting the most with.  Your intuition means more than the traditional tarot card meanings. You may go through phases of wanting to read cards and other times where you want to rely more on your mind’s eye,...

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Tips for Reading Tarot Cards Choose a deck that speaks to you intuitively. Stay hydrated to keep your vibration high. Ask the spirit to clear the space before you begin. Ask the spirit to bring forth the most helpful and highest messages for everyone’s good involved. Ask spirit to help you decipher the card meanings. Ask for words to come clearly, and for the cards to make sense. Ask for clarification. If you get confused on what a card could mean, try looking at the other cards around it. Close your eyes. Think about what colors, symbols, and messages come...

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