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The following 12 laws of karma are meant to help you understand how the Universe’s energy works. The word “karma” is Sanskrit for “action”, and the laws can help you understand how your actions can affect you. Let’s first take a look at these laws below. 12 Laws of Karma The Great Law- Whatever energy and thoughts you put out to the Universe, you get back, be it good or bad. The Law of Creation- Life won’t happen for you. It happens by you taking action and making things happen, rather than waiting for everything to magically work out for...

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The Moon’s Lunar Nodes are always in combination with their polarity zodiac signs. Here we will take a closer look at the Moon’s North and South Lunar Nodes, what they mean, and what they can symbolize. The North Node In Vedic Astrology, the North node is known as Rahu. The Moon’s North Node is usually used as the symbol for the future moving forward.  This Node has been said to magnetically pull your soul towards its future growth.  Your North Node has been said to symbolize the highest area of expression to be reached in your current life and therefore...

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Irrational Fears- You may find that you have certain fears that you cannot explain. Examples could be certain phobias or there could be certain triggers that bring out your fear. These triggers could be people, places, smells, scents, and feelings. A very common example could be a fear of water. This could signify you had a past life where you drowned or nearly did. Recurring Dreams- You may have recurring dreams of people, places, events, or feelings that you cannot explain. For example, you might dream of driving or traveling to a certain area repeatedly, yet you do not even...

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Where did Sabian Symbols within the Zodiac Signs originate? The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 phrases that make up every degree of the zodiac signs.   They have a very mysterious origin and history behind them.  Historically, they originate from the Sabian tribe. The Sabian tribe was a mystical brotherhood from Mesopotamia.  In 1925, in San Diego, California, the Sabian tribe’s messages were channeled through the clairvoyant, Elsie Wheeler, with help from Astrologer Marc Edmund Jones.  All 360 messages were channeled in just one day.  Marc Edmund Jones believed that Elsie Wheeler had tapped into the “ancient mind matrix”...

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