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When we meet our twin flame, we connect profoundly and then separate due to the intensity of the emotions that come up. We are often triggered to an awakening of intense and deep emotions that have been suppressed.  A twin flame recognition awakens us to our higher selves and our deepest wounds. When we feel neglected and/or abandoned by our twin flame, these emotions stem from our inner child patterns. Nurturing our inner child and healing helps in preventing self-sabotage. When we connect with our emotions, we connect to that part of ourselves where our inner child is. Inner Child...

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The Past Life Oracle can be used as a tool to help you remember key information from prior lifetimes.  It also helps validate what you may already suspect are past-life themes.  It has been said that if you can access these memories, your unconscious mind has the strong potential to help you recall more details about your soul’s journey through time. The past life oracle can evoke strong responses, which represent centuries of trapped energies that need to be released.  It is best to truly allow yourself to feel these emotions, rather than numbing yourself to them.  It is best,...

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Harnessing the Power of the Planets & Zodiac Signs  Just as crystals correspond to chakras, the planets of our Solar System also correspond to the chakras.  Each chakra is ruled by a planet.  Each chakra possesses similar characteristics of their ruling planets.  Just as Crystals have different chakra correspondences, the planets and zodiac signs also do.  Here, we will discuss Zodiac Signs/Planets and Chakra correspondences.  Next in this section, we will then go on to introduce some Astrological Invocations that can be used during your Crystal Reiki sessions.  Zodiac Signs, Planets & Chakra Correspondences As above, so below.  The seven...

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