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The Full Moon in Leo in all of her illumination asks us to give gratitude for the journey thus far.  This full Moon asks you to let go of any fears and/or insecurities in your life. It is a time to confront any of your fears that may have been holding you back.  When working with the Full Moon in Leo energies, ask yourself some of the following questions: Have I identified my fears and insecurities clearly? How can I gain more awareness as to the validity of some of my fears, worries and doubts? Is there anyone in my...

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A New Moon creates a sacred space in time for ritual, focusing on our desires, our dreams, and the birthing of new ideas and aspirations. Plant your seeds and wishes for fulfillment. Use this New Moon to go deep within and ask yourself what your heart wants to truly manifest. Write your intentions down in detail with an open heart and prepare for growth. The New Moon in the zodiac sign of Leo asks us to think and wish big. Leo is connected with our child-like energy and enthusiasm for life and asks us to unleash our inner child. Look...

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Leo Season starts tomorrow, July 22nd and runs until August 22nd. Just like the heart of summer, Leo exhibits a very heart centered energy. In medical astrology, Leo corresponds with the heart. Leo is ruled by the Sun, exhibits a fire element and a fixed modality. This brave hearted sign is loyal, charismatic, and vibrant. Those born with their Sun in Leo are often natural entertainers and performers. Leo is connected with the fifth house of the zodiac. The fifth house is all about amusements, pleasures, recreation, entertainment, performance, and children. It is the house of Leo. If you would...

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  Mercury is in Pisces until April 17, 2019. This puts it in the 8th house for Leo.  You will find yourself engaging in some deep conversations with several close people during this time.  These are much needed conversations and will serve as a form of talk therapy for you and those you are engaging with.  There will be some hard to process feelings and conveying them into words will prove to be challenging at times for you and the others.  None the less, these talks will be powerful and transformational.  Venus will be in Pisces until April 20, 2019. ...

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