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Cancer is connected to the 4th house of the zodiac which is all about the home, family, and origins. The energy of the New Moon in Cancer is nurturing, caring, and compassionate. Often though, Cancer has a harder external outside that they show to the world. However, this is only because they are so sensitive underneath.  If you are struggling to be vulnerable or express your inner sensitivities, this New Moon is here to encourage you to do so. Some questions you can ask yourself to help you capture and work with the energies of this New Moon are: Are...

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“ As the Sun spirals its longest dance, cleanse us as nature shows bounty and fertility. Bless us and let all things live with loving intent, and to fulfill their truest destiny.” The Summer Solstice marks a time for recreation, outdoors, fun, and adventure. Astrologically, the Sun is the ruler of Leo, and relates to the 5th zodiacal house. This is a time to soak up the Sun’s rays, feel invigorated, and re-energized.  The energy is fresh and light-hearted. Some activities include making sun-catchers, sun crowns, and sun tea. Now is the time to journal about some of your plans,...

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Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. The energy is also freedom loving and liberating. When there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius, you are being called to give thanks to those who have helped you expand your knowledge. It is also the opportune time to practice release work, focusing on what no longer serves you or your higher purpose. Some questions you can ask yourself to help you work with this Full Moon energy are: What teachers in my life am I grateful for? What should I release in my life that makes me feel restricted and...

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Taurus is an earth sign that is connected to the second house having to do with money and material security. When the Moon is in Taurus, you are being asked to look at your short and long-term goals having to do with money, possessions, and long-term security. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love, harmony, art, and fine cuisine. This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse! You can expect big breakthroughs in the areas of money, finances, love, and the arts. There may also be abrupt and sudden changes in these areas.  You can  write down...

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Beltane is the midpoint between the Spring Solstice and the Summer Solstice. It is a time to prepare for the summer season. This celebration typically pays homage to the Sun.   Bonfires are popular during this time and help you to bond with the ancient elemental power of fire. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you work with the energies of Beltane: What recreational activities would I like to engage in this Summer? Am I planning any trips or vacations for the upcoming summer season? How can I harness the energies and benefits of the Sun? What...

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