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This New Moon is an opportune time for you to focus on your own originality and authenticity. Focus on building upon your unique character traits and what sets you apart from others. It’s also a great time to focus on humanitarian causes and the greater good of the collective. Think about some of the following questions to help you harness the energies of this New Moon: What sets me apart from others and how can I build upon those unique traits? What humanitarian causes am I passionate about? What does authenticity mean to mean? What unique contributions do I have...

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Keywords: Intention Setting, Manifesting, Charging, Thinking outside the box, Innovation, Invention, Advocacy, Strong Friendships, Breakthroughs in Love, Wish-Fulfillment, Rebellion, Unconventional, Freedom from the Known. For this New Moon, set your intentions high. Think outside the box.  Dream up a whole new world! This will be a very powerful New Moon, as both the Sun and Moon will be in Aquarius, along with four other planets, creating a stellium in Aquarius! Mercury will be in Aquarius and will influence communication and business. Expect innovative technologies and inventive ideas coming through.  Expect an increase in communication from friends and important acquaintances. With...

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The Full Moon is time to release what no longer serves us. It is a time to close up a cycle and look forward to what is to come. The Full Moon in Aquarius asks us to embrace what makes us unique and different. It asks us to follow our own personalized paths and practice gratitude for the journey this far. Full Moon in Aquarius Energy and Correspondences Aquarius, or the water-bearer, actually exhibits an air element and a fixed mode. It is dually ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. Aquarius can often find an inter conflict between conformity...

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A Forecast for Aquarius: Mercury will be in Pisces until April 17, 2019. You will receive notice of some financial gains during this time.  You may also be presented with an attractive offer. You may be up for a promotion or a pay raise.  Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Venus will be in Capricorn until March 1, 2019.  On March 2nd, it moves to Aquarius and stays there until March 26, 2019.  You need to focus on giving yourself love and self -care during this time.  You have been giving so much to other areas/people in your life...

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