A Forecast for Capricorn-March 3, 2019

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A Forecast for Capricorn-March 3, 2019

A forecast for Capricorn:

The Moon is in Aquarius until March 5, 2019. This puts the Moon in the second house of Capricorn.

Mercury is in Pisces until April 17th, 2019.  This puts Mercury in the 3rd house of Capricorn. You will be engaged in heavy research either at your work place, within your career, or place of study. This will be a great time to develop new skills and gain new information.

Venus is in Aquarius until March 26, 2019. This puts Venus in the second house for Capricorn.  You are likely to make some material gains during this time. There could be an attractive money offer coming your way.  Your earning ability is high during this time, and you are thinking about your material values. 

Mars is in Taurus until March 31, 2019.  This puts Mars in the 5th house for Capricorn. You will find yourself making extra efforts during this time with regards to creative projects, artistry, or entrepreneurship.  You are passionate about your goals in these areas at this time and have the extra determination to follow through with them. 

Jupiter is in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019.  This puts Jupiter in the 12th house for Capricorn.  This year you will rebalance yourself by attending a retreat or spa. You will have productive self-reflection either by meditation or by writing.  Journaling and quiet meditation will give you much needed benefits to achieve your goals and aspirations. 

Saturn is in Capricorn until March 22, 2020.  This puts Saturn in the 1st house for Capricorn. You may grow impatient and restless certain times throughout the year and beyond. You may experience some set backs and challenges within your work and personal life that you were not expecting. Patience and perseverance are needed on your part during these times.

The Lunar Node is in Cancer until the end of the year and beyond.  This puts the lunar node in the 7th house for Capricorn. There is special emphasis on your partnerships this year.  You could be entering a new partnership or your existing one will become strengthened.  This person plays an important role in your destiny either romantically or within a strong business or work partnership.

Some Aspects/Important Dates: 

On March 8th, the Moon will be sextile Venus. This is an important day concerning your resources or possessions. Material gain is on the horizon.  You could gain an attractive new possession.

On March 9th, the Moon forms a Trine with to Jupiter.  This is a good day for new beginnings within your through processes and outlook. You are letting go of old attitudes that no longer serve you and embracing the new with more enthusiasm and positivity. 


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