A Forecast for Gemini-Updated May 18, 2019.

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A Forecast for Gemini-Updated May 18, 2019.

Mercury enters Gemini on May 21st and stays there until June 4th.  This puts Mercury in the 1st house.  You may receive important news or advice from overseas or from someone far away.  This could help jumpstart some of your creative pursuits and projects in a very positive way.  The Aquarius Moon will be in the 9th house and will form a Trine with Mercury on May 24th.  This could signify the beginning of a new learning experience that may be beneficial to your long- term future. 

Venus is in Taurus until June 8th.  This puts Venus in the 12th house.  Venus in the 12th house could indicate several things. One could be a secret love or something a lover is hiding.  It could also mean some unfortunate occurrence in love for you or for someone you know. The Pisces Moon will be in the 10th house and sextile to Venus on May 27th. This is a positive aspect connection so this may be a time that some light will be shed on the situation. 

Mars is in Cancer until July 1st. This puts Mars in the 2nd house. This pairing could signify some challenges and conflicts regarding your money and possessions.  The Cancer Moon can be very moody and fragile so you may find that you will be feeling this way towards your finances or of a significant other’s. There could be a row over money.  This will be short-lived though.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019.  This puts Jupiter in the 7th house.   This year you will be lucky when it comes to growing important partnerships either in love and/or business.  These will be serious and committed partnerships that are very important to your future. 

Saturn is in Capricorn until March 22, 2020.  This puts Saturn in the 4th house.  You may have some challenges within the family this year and beyond.  There may be some power struggles, jealousy, and conflict.  Try to see others’ points of views beside your own.  These conflicts could make you depressed, but matters will sort themselves out with patience.  The Aries Moon in the 11th house will form a Square with Saturn on May 30th.  This is a challenging aspect therefore you could experience some conflict between your friends and family members.

The Lunar Node is in Cancer for the rest of the year and beyond. This puts the Lunar Node in the 2nd house for Cancer.  You will have good luck in your earning ability.  This coincides with your career advancements.  Keep up with your educational courses or with your workshops/seminars or any means of gaining new knowledge and advancing your skills on the job. You will be working toward a promotion and will see an increase in your resources.


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