A Forecast for Taurus-April 6, 2019

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A Forecast for Taurus-April 6, 2019

Mercury will be in Pisces in the 11th house of Taurus until April18th 2019.  Your social life is set to flourish during this period.  You will have many social invitations coming in. Celebrations among friends are on the horizon during this time.  You are in for some luck when it comes to your social circle. Any plans and/or projects you have right now will be well supported by like- minded individuals.  You may receive some benefits from friends.  If you were thinking to join a social club or some type of society now is the time to do it.  Meeting new people and forming solid friendships will come easy to you during this time.   New people will be attracted to you on a platonic level.   All will be favorable in this area.   

Venus will also be in Pisces until April 20th. This puts Venus in the 11th house. Friendship could turn to love during this time.  This could also indicate a social circle that is involved in beauty such as cosmetology, nails, skin care, cosmetics, etc. Venus will be sextile Saturn on April 12th. These planetary energies form a harmonious connection. Look for loyalty in love on this day.

Mars will be in Gemini until May 15th.  This puts Mars in the 2nd house.   Money could be tight during this time.  You may experience some challenges financially. April 16th could be a particularly bad day with regards to money as the Moon forms the challenging square aspect to Mars.

Jupiter in Sagittarius until 12/2/2019.  In the 8th house. During this year you will have good luck with financial gains.  This could mean you or your partner.   This could mean you or your partner will receive a loan you applied for, or you may receive an inheritance.  You may also be given a generous financial gift from someone.   You also will be able to pay off some debt due to this. This is also a good time to take any risks you may have been thinking about in business.   If you put your absolute concentration on your goal, the outcome will be favorable. Also, someone close to you may need surgery. Be assured the outcome will be very favorable.  On May 12th, the Moon will form a Trine with Jupiter. This marks a new and promising beginning for you or your partner with regards to these issues.

Saturn in Capricorn in the 9th house until March 22nd 2020.  For the next year and a half or so, you will be working hard with your educational endeavors and/or professional work.  Sometimes may feel challenging as if you are not getting the instant results and recognition that you deserve. Take heed in knowing that some of your efforts will just take longer to come to fruition.  To bear the most fruit of your efforts in the long-term, it is advised to practice self -discipline and time management skills.  Organize your schedule well and try to keep on track. Don’t let disruptions steer you away from your long-term goals. 

Lunar Node in Cancer in the 3rd house all year. Your destiny is headed towards higher education.  You will be constantly gaining new skills this year and spreading information among your fellow students or colleagues.   You will be engaging in a lot of research.  Several short trips are also forecasted this year and are centered around being both educational and recreational.  The Universe is supporting you fully within your learning expansion. If you think you do not have all the skills and resources to continue, the message here is not to stop as you will be supported.  Some support may come in the form of brothers, sisters, neighbors, and distant relatives.


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