An updated forecast for Gemini-April 12, 2019

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An updated forecast for Gemini-April 12, 2019

Mercury is in Pisces until April 17, 2019.  This puts Mercury in the 10th house. Your career will take off during this time as you will be meeting new contacts and doing some networking. You may be organizing an event or doing a presentation for some key people within your field.  Some important people will be impressed by either your speaking, writing, or presentation skills.

Venus is also in Pisces until April 20th.  This is also the 10th house for Gemini. Things are looking great for your social status. You will be given praise from a boss, professor, or teacher.  You may be presented with a very attractive offer.  However, on April 17th, the Libra Moon will be in opposition to Venus.  This means you may have to sacrifice some pleasure -seeking activity for work.  It will pay off later though. 

Mars is in Gemini until May 15th. This puts Mars in the 1st house. Mars in the 1st house will give you extra confidence you otherwise may have been lacking.  During this time, you will achieve more due to your heightened confidence.  You extra confidence attracts others making them feel good in your presence.  Venus be in the 11th house of Aries and will be sextile to Mars in Gemini on May 14th.  This highlights a day where you will be especially popular among friends. 

Jupiter is in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019.  This puts Jupiter in the 7th house.   This year you will be lucky when it comes to important partnerships either in love and/or business.  These will be serious and committed partnerships that are very important to your future. 

Saturn is in Capricorn until March 22, 2020.  This puts Saturn in the 4th house.  You may have some challenges within the family this year and beyond.  There may be some power struggles, jealousy, and conflict.  Try to see others’ points of views beside your own.  These conflicts could make you depressed, but matters will sort themselves out with patience. 

The Lunar Node is in Cancer for the rest of the year and beyond. This puts the Lunar Node in the 2nd house for Cancer.  You will have good luck in your earning ability.  This coincides with your career advancements.  Keep up with your educational courses or with your workshops/seminars or any means of gaining new knowledge and advancing your skills on the job. You will be working toward a promotion and will see an increase in your resources.



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