Beach and Sea Magic

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Beach and Sea Magic

With the Summer Solstice upon us, it is a time to explore what all beach and sea magic has to offer. The beach is an ideal place to practice magic, as it consists of all four elements- earth, air, water, and fire. All these elements converge, creating a highly spiritual energetic environment. Here are some examples and tips on how to make your next beach or trip to the sea extra magical.

Beach Magic:

  • Gather seashells and stones for your altar. Seashells are also known for their protective properties and work well in protective spells.
  • Take advantage of the four classical elements- earth, air, fire, and water, while you are visiting the beach.
  • Bath in the sea to take away all unwanted energies.
  • Make a wand from a piece of wood.
  • Pick some sand to cast circles.
  • Make runes from small pebbles.
  • Banishing: write something that you want to get rid of on the sand and erase it.

Sea Magic:

  • Write Sigils in the sand and then let the tide charge it by washing it away.
  • Cleanse yourself in ocean waves.
  • Collect seashells and research magical properties.
  • Ground yourself in the sand.
  • Collect sea glass for healing, purification, cleansing, etc.
  • Collect ocean water for cleansing, banishing, and scrying.
  • Use the ocean’s waves to get rid of someone or something in your life that is negative or brings you unhappiness.
  • You can use the ocean’s gifts to make a protective Use items you find at the beach and fill up the bottle with sand and sea water. You can also use them to guard against psychic attacks.

Clear Signs your Magic or Spellcasting is Working

Whether you decide to practice magic and/or spell casting at the beach, near the sea, within nature, or within your home or immediate surroundings, there are several signs you can recognize later to know if you spell worked. Here are some:

  • Changes in your mood- A feeling of clarity or happiness.
  • Signs and omens from nature- Birds, cloud formations, weather changes, an unusual animal you might sight on the beach or within the sea or ocean.
  • Messages in your Dreams- Pay attention to the emotion each dream triggers.
  • Coincidences- Coincidences generally point to a deeper meaning.
  • Real Life Interactions- Anytime something unexpected happens, it is usually a clear sign.


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