Cosmic Codes for Money Manifestation

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Cosmic Codes for Money Manifestation

Grabovoi numbers were discovered by Russian psychic Grigori Grabovoi using his radionics machine.  Many of his number sequences are used to treat various health ailments. However, there are many more codes and number sequences that were discovered, and some can be used for money and abundance manifestation.

Here are some codes you can use for money, abundance, and prosperity. These codes can be written with switch word phrases, on their own, added to an energy circle, or written on your arm or hand:

5197148- Everything is possible.

71948171- Materialize your plans and thoughts.

894 719 78 48- You can achieve everything in which you put your intention on.

520- Unexpected money

741- Immediate solutions

520 741 8- Unexpected money and immediate solutions.

808- Angelic number to take care of your finances

71,427,321,893- Prosperity and Abundance.

318 612 518 714- Cash Flow Abundance

229, 578,589- Abundance Financial

964986583- Abundance Knowledge

374685812- Ability to earn money.

656946868- Clarity of Self- direction

346325845- Prosperity

87467894- Confident of prosperity

4931518641491- Grabovoi code for getting the job you want.

9439146- This code brings money to me.

Real Life Case Example of Money Manifestation

Gabe F. was researching the Grabovoi code for unexpected money solutions, code 520.  The following are the findings of his experiences:

On his first occasion, Gabe F. had been recited the numbers 520 and 741 about 5 times and remained open to the possibility of unexpected money and immediate solutions happening to him. Gabe reported that he forgot all about the numbers then, and the next evening was paying for $11 worth of purchases at his local Walmart with three $5 bills. The register would not except one of his bills for some reason and he kept trying. He had tried about 25 times, then he tried another five-dollar bill and while trying to flatten it out, it ripped in half.

Gabe F. noticed another customer in his peripheral vision leaving in a rush. He then heard, “please take your change” and saw the customer’s $20 bill slide out of the self-serve register.  Realizing they forgot that they did cash-back when using their debit, Gabe F. grabbed the $20 bill and ran after the person. When Gabe then returned to his own dilemma, the cashier in charge, who saw the trouble he had been having, paid for his items with his own money.

Gabe F. reflected felt this first experience was a subtle happening, but as he walked through the parking lot, it all dawned on him about his prior use of reciting the Grabovoi numbers. After this first experience, Gabe F. shared with me some of his realizations and epiphanies surrounding the numbers as he quotes in the following:

“Something I realized about the numbers is this…….

  1. In an instant of a couple of minutes ago, I just realized that once in a way that is so delicate that it could be seemingly fragile.
  2. Intention + Exact frequency corresponding to the intent via willingness and acceptance of the possibility to allow the possibility of a specific existence of an opportunity to exist.”

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