Fall Equinox & Astrological Sun & Moon Aspects Forecast- September 23, 2023

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Fall Equinox & Astrological Sun & Moon Aspects Forecast- September 23, 2023

It’s the first day of Autumn!  The Sun is now in Libra. The days will start to lessen, as the nights will get longer.  It is time to start to prepare for the harvest season with gratitude and delight! Here is a list of ideas to celebrate the season:

  • Do a major clean up within your home and give items you are no longer using to charity.
  • Bake bread or apple themed dishes.
  • Have a bonfire.
  • Go on a nature walk.
  • Make an Autumn potpourri.
  • Decorate your home or your altar for Mabon.
  • Journal about what you would like to release that may no longer be serving you.

Fall Equinox Magical Correspondences

As always, here are some magical correspondences you can use to harness the energies of the Fall Equinox:

Symbolism: The second harvest, equality, and balance.

Colors: orange, red, yellow, brown, purple.

Crystals: amber, citrine, cat’s eye, aventurine.

Herbs: acorns, mugwort, rose hips, rosemary, yarrow.

Foods: corn, beans, squash, apples.

Incense: Benzoin, myrrh, sage.

Symbols: cornucopia, corn stalks, acorns, vines, leaves.

Spells: Ancestor honoring, blessings, divination work.


Let’s take a more in depth look at the overall energies, attributes, and themes you can expect for the Fall Equinox, along with the major planetary aspects that the Sun and Moon will be making this day:

With the Sun in Libra, you will be motivated for personal, social, and relationship harmony.  You will prefer the company of others to solitude and enjoy social occasions and outings.  You will possess an authentic and refined sense, with an appreciation of the finer things in life and the arts. Be careful, however, not to be too dependent on others or overly needy in relationships right now.

The Sabian Symbols

The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 mystical messages (that make up an image also), that are associated with each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. They have also often been referred to as an Astrological oracle.  They were channeled by a clairvoyant in 1925 from the mystical Sabian brotherhood source.  


The Sun’s Sabian Symbol for Libra today gives the following vision/message/meaning for the overall collective:

A child with a butterfly net chases a white butterfly, which is suddenly transfixed by a beam of light.


Chasing after a beautiful dream; searching for the ideal within the manifest (disappointed in love; want more than is offered); flitting from one romance to another, vs. creating stability in a relationship by adapting to one's partner's true nature; holding to crystallized memories of perfect moments vs. remaining open to life's changeable, unpredictable events; picking one's way carefully through the obstacles on one's path vs. thrashing about in an effort to free oneself from one's physical or psychological handicaps; seeking spiritual illumination; being open to spiritual teachings found in dreams, visions, or curious events, vs. entertaining illusory beliefs based on what one wants to be true; exploring one's fantasies vs. living in a dreamworld.


Pluto will form a Trine with the Sun


This aspect makes you very motivated by the desire for power, which you can harness at will and put to good use. You will currently possess natural leadership and organizational abilities, and you will be able to persuade others to follow your lead. Right now, it will be easy to get your own way through willpower and believing in yourself. 


The Sun will form an Opposition with Neptune

The energy from this aspect will have you feeling sensitive and impressionable. Be careful, because you may be easily swayed by others and be proned to seducing influences and stimulants. Currently, you have the compassion and the ability to understand the needs of others with sympathy and empathy. You may be gifted with a measure of inspiration and creativity right now, which may express itself through the arts—especially music, painting, photography, and/or drama.


The Sun will also form a Trine with Uranus

The energy from this aspect will make you feel open to anything contemporary and progressive, including the possibilities offered by modern technology or science. You will welcome change. You have an uncanny sense for the “next big thing”. You possess insight and power to reform and carry out innovations. You will feel highly independent, and freedom-loving, and refuse to be bound by convention.

Moon in Capricorn


With the Moon in Capricorn, even though you will still be feeling things deeply, you may experience some difficulty expressing your innermost feelings. Rather than freely showing your emotions, you may choose to keep them under control.  Responsibilities within your family may be important to you now. Other people are inclined to look to you for support, as you have an inner strength and ability to maintain a cool head under pressure now. This energy will make you feel ambitious for success and professional advancement.


The Moon will form a Trine with Mercury


This energy will make you feel highly perceptive and capable of easily sensing the moods and feelings of others. Your mind will be fertile, imaginative, and hungry for knowledge. Articulate and able to impart knowledge effortlessly, your memory and recollection for story telling will be especially heightened right now.


The Moon will form a Square with Mars

This aspect’s energy will make you feel naturally bold and forthright, and generally up front in your dealings with others.  You now have the capacity for leadership and will be motivated to take charge of situations.  Competitive or aggressive situations will now bring out the fighter in you. You will have a strong resistance to restriction and being ordered around by others.  You will not be afraid to take risks, however, you can expect some setbacks caused by impulsiveness or impatience. At home, you will be likely to rule the roost. Marital quarrels will be likely.

The Moon will form a Trine with Jupiter

The energy from this aspect will have you feeling generous, open-minded, and kind-hearted.  Your emotional honesty and good humor make you popular and appreciated by others now.  You are socially aware and always ready to help others. You will be taking an interest in philosophy and religion and may have the opportunity to travel. You know how to enjoy yourself and are fond of social and pleasurable activities now.  Relations with women will be especially positive.


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