Full Moon in Cancer- December 29, 2020

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Full Moon in Cancer- December 29, 2020

The Full Moon in Cancer creates a sacred space in time for releasing painful emotions and feelings from the past.  Cancer is a very nostalgic sign and is ruled by the Moon, making this placement very emotional. Cancer is connected with the fourth zodiac house, the house of family, traditions, and origins.  Emotional security is of upmost importance to Cancer.

When the Moon is in Cancer, you are being asked to do an audit of your family and domestic life.  Take a look around and see what needs done or worked on within your home, such as improvements, fixes, and renovations.  Take this time to focus on any family needs or issues.  Ask yourself some of the following questions:

Does anyone in my family need special attention?

What can I do to help bond with my family more?

How can I make my home more welcoming and my own special dwelling place?

What types of things can I do to help foster more emotional security among myself and my family?

Who in my life might I need to show more compassion to right now?

The Full Moon in Cancer is also an opportune time to practice shadow work.  This type of work is especially important surrounding Cancerian energy, as Cancer often has a very difficult time letting go of the past.  Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you with your shadow work:

What painful emotions from the past do I need to work on releasing?

What could I be holding on to from the past that is hindering my forward movement?

How have I grown from my past traumas and adversities?

Magical Correspondences for Working with the Full Moon in Cancer:

Tarot- Cancer resonates with the Suit of Cups in the Tarot, which also relates to the water element.  The King of Cups card possesses strong Cancerian energy.  This card symbolizes the profound depths of our own emotions by which we can connect to the deep structures and patterns of the universal flow.  In relationships, this card indicates a depth of feeling and quiet power beneath a calm exterior. This is a positive card to receive in relationship readings because it denotes that you are drawing upon deep parts of yourself. 

Keywords for the King of Cups- Recognition, considerate, calm exterior, quiet power, elegance, sophistication, dignity, wisdom, compassion, composure, peacemaker, principles, stability, diplomacy, generosity, caring, helpfulness, benefactor, tutor, liberating, liberality.

Crystals- Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Selenite, and Black Tourmaline.

Power Gems- Emerald, Turquoise, Cat’s Eye, Pearl, Moonstone, or Amber.

Astrological Plants/Herbs: Balm, Comfrey, Houseleek, Moonwort, Passionflower, poppy, watercress, yellow flag, water lily, white Poppy, and white rose. 

Scents/Oils- Allow, Lemon Balm, Sweet Flag, Lotus, Water Lily.

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