Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse - November 30, 2020

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Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse - November 30, 2020

The Full Moon is a time to let go of pent up energies that have been weighing you down. It is an excellent time to write down anything you want to let go of or get rid of in your life that is not serving your highest good.  With the completion of another Moon cycle, you have learned and grown. This makes it also a time to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small, and to give thanks to your blessings.

The Full Moon in Gemini will make you and everyone around you curious about worldly matters. You and others will feel more inclined to speak out or discuss important issues within your lives.  There is also an energy of duality, which may influence people to feel torn between two different issues or people within their lives.

Gemini is connected with the third house of the zodiac. The third house is all about communication, your immediate environment, information exchanges of all kinds, teaching, learning, neighbors, and siblings. With the Full Moon in Gemini, people feel influenced to learn new things. Schools may see enrollments and/or admissions increase. More people than usually are curious and stimulated by intellectual material, gaining knowledge, and learning a new subject. This is also especially true since Gemini exhibits an air element and is ruled by the communicative planet of Mercury. Business exchanges and transactions may also see an increase. 

The Full Moon in Gemini will make relationships between partners and lovers intellectually stimulating. Partners and lovers may do more traveling, even if it is just locally. Negatively, it may not be the best time to see a stronger level of commitment within a relationship though. This is because the Full Moon in Gemini’s energy is independent and freedom loving.  This makes people more focused on their individual selves rather than partnerships they may be involved in as a whole. 

As always, here are some Magical Correspondences for Gemini to work with physically, mentally, or spiritually for the Full Moon in Gemini:

Element- Air

Ruler- Mercury

Modality- Mutable

Astrological Plants/Herbs- Orchid, Gladioli, Parsley, Dill, Snapdragons, and Iris.

Tree- Elder

Metal- Quicksilver, Aluminum.

Power Gem- Moss Agate.

Gems- Onyx, Diamond, Jade, Topaz, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, or Iceland Spar.

Colors- White, Yellow, and Orange

Day- Wednesday

Tarot Card- The Lovers

Bird- Finches, Parrots.

Symbolic Creature- Magpie

Anatomy Governed- The Lungs

Scents/Oils- Jasmine, Mastic, Orchid, Sandalwood

Incense- Wormwood

Geomantic Number- 7


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