Full Moon in Leo- January 28, 2021- Radiate from the Heart Space

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Full Moon in Leo- January 28, 2021- Radiate from the Heart Space

The Full Moon in Leo in all of her illumination asks us to give gratitude for the journey thus far.  This full Moon asks you to let go of any fears and/or insecurities in your life. It is a time to confront any of your fears that may have been holding you back.  When working with the Full Moon in Leo energies, ask yourself some of the following questions:

Have I identified my fears and insecurities clearly?

How can I gain more awareness as to the validity of some of my fears, worries and doubts?

Is there anyone in my life that I need to confront to feel at peace?

How can I work with confronting intimidation in my life in a healthier way?

Is there anyone in my life that I need to stand up for?

Who around me needs extra love and support?

The full Moon in Leo exhibits powerful and courageous energy.  This energy radiates from the heart space. The heart is much more powerful than the brain, so harnessing this energy is extremely powerful.  Work with pale green and green aventurine crystal to balance your heart chakra.  Get in touch with your heart by engaging in activities you feel passionate about. It is also a time to be generous and warm to those around you.

Leo Tarot Correspondences

Working with the Suit of Wands in the Tarot relates to fiery and passionate Leo energy. Here are some Tarot and Leo correspondences you can work with during the Full Moon in Leo:

The Knight of Wands: This card is the card of the pilgrim who follows their ambition and drive in a creative manner.  It symbolizes the need to bring your enthusiasm to mundane matters powered by a spiritual sensibility. In relationships, this card indicates passion and adventure. It is always an indicator of new excitement in your life which will fulfill your vision. However, you must be careful that this passion does not burn out too soon lest you become entirely consumed by it.

Keywords- Fiery, brash, argumentative, hot-headed, advancement, sudden, impetuous, hasty, journey, coming and going, departure from custom, challenge, enthusiasm, vigor, daring, passionate, impulsiveness, pride, fighter, protection, pilgrim, charming, daring.

Numerology Correspondence-25/7

Astrological Correspondence- Leo/Sagittarius

Queen of Wands: This card embodies being true to your own vision and living life according to your own standards.  It is a card of honor and faith as well as being aligned to your true will.  In relationships this card can often mean that you must take a firmer role in directing the relationship and be more dynamic. It is your time to be attractive and bask in the limelight for a change.

Keywords- Independence, power of attraction and command, honorable, sound judgement, ambition, demonstration, limelight, career, versatility, faith, magnetic, attractive, fertility, optimism, assured, domineering, flamboyant, dynamic, hyperactivity, honesty, loyalty, cheerful, energetic. 

Numerology Correspondence-24/6

Astrological Correspondence- Leo

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