Full Moon in Scorpio & Moon Forecast - April 23, 2024- Astrology by Melody

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Full Moon in Scorpio & Moon Forecast - April 23, 2024- Astrology by Melody

Scorpio is home to the 8th house, which is all about death, re-birth, and transformations. With this Full Moon in Scorpio, you can expect some endings, new beginnings, and big changes. You can also expect some things in your life to come to light, where you may have needed some clarity and insight.

This Full Moon is an ideal time to practice shadow work.  The shadow self is a counterpoint to the light. It is the side to the self that has not been expressed. It has been repressed or oppressed.  It can also be seen as an unconscious aspect of your personality that the conscious ego does not identify. Here are some  ways you can practice shadow work:

  • Review your childhood memories.
  • Write a letter to your shadow introducing yourself and let it know this is a safe space.
  • Once you become aware of your shadow self, don’t shame, or blame it.
  • Be compassionate with yourself and your experiences, this is a time for healing and self-growth.

Let’s take a more in depth look at the overall energies, attributes, and themes you can expect for the Full Moon in Scorpio, along with the major planetary aspects that the Moon will be making this day:

Moon in Scorpio

With the Moon in Scorpio, your emotional life will be feeling deep and complex, and you will have a tendency to feel things intensely.  You may now be secretive and suspicious of others.  Your feelings may feel a bit overwhelming right now.  Emotional dramas may feel stirred up.  Conflicts are possible with family members. You may be hurt or slighted by others easily right now.  If this happens, you may feel unforgiving or even hold a grudge.  Regardless, you are prepared to fight for what you believe in.

The Moon will form an Opposition with the Sun

You will desire inner harmony right now; however, you may still feel a bit discontented and tense.  Your current drive for recognition may override your emotional needs and vice versa. The energy from this aspect can also put a strain on your relationships with the opposite sex.  You may also experience some discord between your parents.

The Moon will also form an Opposition with Venus

You currently will have a strong desire to live life to the fullest and enjoy the things you desire.  Your sense of fun is now heightened, and you will especially have a liking for parties and celebrations, with potential for over-indulgence and extravagance. Positively, your artistic potential is amplified now, especially in painting, photography, and/or music.

The Moon will form a Square with Pluto

The energy from this aspect can influence your emotional life, making it feel a bit complex.  Your feelings are intense, and you will feel things on a deeper level.  The dynamics of your personal relationships are intricate and can be strained, especially with your family or significant others. There are power struggles in the home or with dominant women now.  Negatively, you yourself can be domineering or emotionally manipulative right now. You can also be prone to particular habitual fixations or compulsions.  Difficulties with others can arise through jealousy now.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Magical Correspondences  

Here are some magical correspondences  you can work with to harness the energies of this Full Moon in Scorpio:

Scorpio Zodiac Signs House Correspondences

Scorpio zodiac signs correspond to the eighth house of the zodiac. The eighth house of the zodiac is all about other people’s money, wills, legacies, inheritances, death, re-birth, and transformation.   For Scorpio, having the ability to transform themselves is a significant life motivator for this zodiac sign.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Crystal and Gemstone Correspondences

Scorpio zodiac signs correspond to the crystals and gemstones of Apache tear, aquamarine, beryl, boji stone, charoite, dioptase, emerald, garnet, green tourmaline, Herkimer diamond, hiddenite, kunzite, malachite, moonstone, obsidian, red spinel, rhodochrosite, ruby, and variscite.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Herb Correspondences

Scorpio zodiac signs correspond to the following herbs: horehound, blackberry leaves, milk thistle, horseradish, toadflax, wormwood, sarsaparilla, black cohosh, blue cohosh, aloe vera, cascara sagrada, cramp bark, dong quai, ginseng, pennyroyal, raspberry leaf, senna, saw palmetto, and false unicorn.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Body Correspondences

Medical Astrology designates certain parts and systems of the body with each of the zodiac signs. Scorpio zodiac signs correspond to the bladder, urethra, genitals, ovaries/testes, prostate, sigmoid colon, and the pubic bone.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Tarot Correspondences

Scorpio zodiac Sign corresponds to the Death Tarot card, and to the number thirteen. The Death card exhibits a transformative energy like the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio also corresponds to the Knight of Cups tarot card, as the Knight of Cups tarot card exhibits a seductive energy like the sign of Scorpio.

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