Healing from your Past Lives through the Past Lives Oracle

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Healing from your Past Lives through the Past Lives Oracle

The Past Life Oracle can be used as a tool to help you remember key information from prior lifetimes.  It also helps validate what you may already suspect are past-life themes.  It has been said that if you can access these memories, your unconscious mind has the strong potential to help you recall more details about your soul’s journey through time.

The past life oracle can evoke strong responses, which represent centuries of trapped energies that need to be released.  It is best to truly allow yourself to feel these emotions, rather than numbing yourself to them.  It is best, however, to never allow yourself to wallow in or become obsessed with past life details.  Always focus on your current life and the present moment. This will also help create balance if you are trying to work on healing repressed emotions from prior lifetimes. 

Although your physical body is temporal, your soul is eternal.  You were created eons ago, and you’ve had many experiences through many lifetimes.  It has been found in some people who have recalled their previous lifetimes, that they have been able to simultaneously be able to heal patterns and health conditions that are rooted in the past.  At a soul level, you retain all the information, lessons, and memories that you’ve gathered.  In many ways, you grow stronger and wiser with each lifetime.  You also tend to incarnate with the same individuals, both because you love them and to heal misunderstandings.

Releasing your Current fears and anxieties

Often, consciously remembering the past-life source of your anxieties is enough to release their grip on you.

Your current fears in this life may serve as energy blocks, which are slowing or prohibiting the results you desire.  Perhaps you experience phobias currently. Phobias have to do with the impulse to have complete mastery over situations that are out of your control.  They also bring up many trust issues. 

Your higher self and unconscious mind know the original source of any phobias you may have manifested.  You can unearth the origins of these phobias through a past-life regression, or even though dream work.  For example, as you’re falling asleep, ask your higher self to give you information that you’ll remember upon waking that’s related to the phobia. By directly confronting your underlying fears, you can lessen their hold on your unconscious.  It’s all about awareness.

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