March 20, 2022- 15:33 UTC Spring Solstice/Vernal Equinox (Ostara)

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March 20, 2022- 15:33 UTC Spring Solstice/Vernal Equinox (Ostara)

The Spring Equinox has arrived! Now is the time to start planting new seeds and to create something new. It is time to step into the light, as the days will start to stay brighter longer.

On the March equinox, the Sun crosses the celestial equator going south to north. It’s called the “celestial equator” because it’s an imaginary line in the sky above the earth’s equator. If you were standing at the equator, the Sun would pass directly overhead on its way north. Equinoxes are the only  times a year that the Sun rises due east and sets due west for all of us on earth.

Here are some questions to help you brainstorm and get you working with the Spring Equinox energies:

  • What do I feel inspired to create?
  • What clutter should I get rid of so that I can clear and recharge my space?
  • What baking or cooking would I like to do for this occasion?
  • How can I get in touch with nature and start spending some more time outdoors?

I would like to set the following intentions and/or goals for this Spring Solstice (Ostara):             


Spring Solstice (Ostara) Magical Correspondences


The Spring Equinox, also referred to as Ostara, is a time of rebirth and renewal.  It is a time to plant new seeds for new beginnings and plan your goals for the year. There are a number of ways you can do this, such as intention setting, building an altar, decorating, baking and cooking, planting a new plant, charging your crystals,  and paying homage to the sacred feminine throughout the earth. Here are some magical correspondences you can work with:

Symbolism: Fertility, Hares, Rebirth, Renewal, planting new seeds, the Moon.

Colors: pastel colors, green, yellow, white.

Crystals: rose quartz, moonstone, aquamarine, jasper, amethyst.

Herbs: lavender, lemon balm, four-leaf clover, dogwood, thyme, rose, honeysuckle.

Foods: cheese, eggs, salads, seeds, chocolate, honey cakes, milk.

Tarot: The Empress- The Empress

The Empress is the third card in the Major Arcana.  This card depicts a Queen like figure sitting on a throne amid the wilderness.  She sends the message of luck and fertility in love.  This card also indicates a nurturing and compassionate love relationship.  When you draw the Empress, this indicates either you have a partner or will be meeting a partner who is nurturing, loving, and will take great care of you!

Spell Work: Manifestation, healing, energizing, rededications, removing obstacles, restoring balance, love attraction, abundance, home blessings, spring cleaning.

Altar Decorations and Symbols: Baskets, budding twigs, cauldron of spring water, chicks, colored ribbons, four leaf clovers, spring flowers, and sprouting bulbs.


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