New Moon in Cancer Astrological Forecast - July 5, 2024

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New Moon in Cancer Astrological Forecast - July 5, 2024

Cancer is connected to the 4th house of the zodiac which is all about the home, family, and origins. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so the Moon feels right at home in this sign.  The energy of this New Moon in Cancer is nurturing, caring, and compassionate. It asks us to get in touch with our feelings. It is also intuitive and psychic in nature.

Often, those born under the Sun sign of  Cancer have a hard external outside that they show to the world. However, this is only because they are so sensitive underneath.  If you are struggling to be vulnerable or express your inner sensitivities, this New Moon is here to encourage you to do so.

Some questions you can ask yourself to help you capture the energies of this New Moon are:

  • Are any of my emotions blocked or suppressed in any way?
  • How can I be more vulnerable with those I love if I am having trouble doing so?
  • Do I have a family member in need of some extra care and support?
  • How can I focus on home improvements?
  • How can I pay homage to my ancestors?

Let’s take a more in depth look at the overall energies, attributes, and themes you can expect for the New Moon in Cancer, along with the major planetary aspects that the Moon and personal planets will be making this day:

Moon in Cancer

With the Moon in Cancer, you will feel in touch with your feelings and know how to respond to the emotional needs of others.  You will feel things deeply and be keenly receptive and intuitive.  Domestic security and partnership will feel necessary for your emotional well being and family life now.  You may also feel highly sensitive now, and be easily hurt by slights or harsh criticisms.  Your stomach is the barometer of your emotional life now.

The Moon will form a Conjunction with the Sun

The energy from this aspect will have you feeling self-motivated, self-contained, and fully integrated. You can now be intensely subjective and disinclined to extend yourself to other people, which can lead to some misunderstandings.  Right now, your drive for recognition may override your emotional needs and vice versa.  You will currently enjoy starting new enterprises and planting seeds for the future.

Saturn will form a Trine with the Sun

This aspect will influence you to view life seriously and realistically, with a clear vision and the awareness that nothing is achieved without effort and industry.  Right now, you have good powers of perseverance and patience, and will achieve your objectives by making sacrifices and exercising self-discipline.  You currently are very good at focusing on the job at hand, and capable of sorting out priorities.  You now have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Saturn will form a Trine with Venus

Stability and reliability are important to you now in love.  You are practical and realistic about love and once another has gained your trust, you will remain loyal and faithful in your affections.  You could now be attracted to people older than yourself and respect their life experience and maturity.

Venus will be in Cancer

With Venus in Cancer, you will experience deep and sincere feelings of love and care for your loved ones. You will also feel especially protective over them.  To feel emotionally secure now, you need to have affection and tenderness demonstrated.  Currently, you are sensitive in love, but can easily be hurt by insensitivity from another.  You have a desire for partnership and an appreciation of family life.  You may be more sociable at home now and centered around entertaining guests.

Mercury will be in Leo

The energy from Mercury in Leo will have you feeling self-assured as a communicator, with firm convictions and fixed opinions.  As you are expressive and forceful in your manner of communicating, people will follow your lead.  You may now prefer to look at the overall picture.  A mass of facts and figures currently is likely to bog you  down and stifle your creativity.

Mars will be in Taurus

You will now be setting yourself practical and realizable goals.  With strong powers of perseverance and endurance, you have the ability now to apply yourself to a task for hours on end.  You are now motivated to acquire possessions and material security.  You will be slow to anger, but if pushed too far right now, you can become a formidable opponent.  You can experience some conflicts with others through being stubborn, intractable or unyielding.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Magical Correspondences

As always, here are some magical correspondences you can work with for this New Moon in Cancer:

Cancer Zodiac Signs House Correspondence 

Cancer zodiac signs correspond to the fourth house of the zodiac. The fourth house of the zodiac is all about family, home, origins, ancestors, and the father.   For Cancer, being an emotional water element, a stable and comfortable family and home life are some main life motivators for this zodiac sign.  

Cancer Zodiac Signs Crystal and Gemstone Correspondences  

Cancer zodiac signs correspond to the crystals and gemstones of amber, beryl, brown spinel, carnelian, calcite, chalcedony, chrysoprase, dendritic agate, emerald, fire agate, moonstone, moss agate, opal, pink tourmaline, rhodonite, and ruby.  

Cancer Zodiac Signs Herb Correspondences  

Cancer zodiac signs correspond to the following herbs: water lily, chickweed, honeysuckle, peppermint, spearmint, papaya, dogtooth violet, lettuce, verbena, and terragon.  

Cancer Zodiac Signs Body Correspondences  

Medical Astrology designates certain parts and systems of the body with each of the zodiac signs. Cancer zodiac signs correspond to the breast, diaphragm, stomach, esophagus, taste, and left side of the body.  

Cancer Zodiac Signs Tarot Correspondences 

The zodiac sign of Cancer corresponds to the Chariot Tarot card, and to the number seven. The Chariot card exhibits movement like the cardinal energy of the zodiac sign of Cancer. The zodiac sign of Cancer can also relate to the Moon tarot card, as the Moon tarot card exhibits nurturing and emotional energy like that of the sign of Cancer.

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