New Moon in Cancer Forecast and Planetary Aspects- July 17, 2023

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New Moon in Cancer Forecast and Planetary Aspects- July 17, 2023

Cancer is connected to the 4th house of the zodiac which is all about the home, family, and origins. The energy of the New Moon in Cancer is nurturing, caring, and compassionate. Often though, Cancer has a harder external outside that they show to the world.  However, this is only because they are so sensitive underneath.  If you are struggling to be vulnerable or express your inner sensitivities, this New Moon is here to encourage you to do so.

Some questions you can ask yourself to help you capture the energies of this New Moon are:

  • Are any of my emotions blocked or suppressed in any way?
  • How can I be more vulnerable with those I love if I am having trouble doing so?
  • Do I have a family member in need of some extra care and support?
  • How can I focus on home improvements?
  • How can I pay homage to my place of origin?

Let’s take a more in depth look at the overall energies, attributes, and themes you can expect for the New Moon in Cancer, along with the major planetary aspects that the Moon will be making this day:

While the Moon is in Cancer, you will feel in touch with your feelings and know how to respond to the emotional needs of others. You will feel things deeply and feel keen on being receptive and intuitive.  Domestic security and partnership will be necessary for your emotional well-being and family life will feel more important to you during this time.  You may feel highly sensitive and be easily hurt by slights or harsh criticisms. 

Pluto Opposition the Moon

Overall, this aspect can be challenging. The energy here has an emotional complexity to it. Your feelings will be intense, and you will feel things deeply.  Negatively, the dynamics of your personal relationships may feel intricate and strained right now, especially with your family or significant females.  There may be power struggles in the home or with dominant women.  Equally, you may feel domineering or emotionally manipulative and may be focused on getting your own way.  You may also be prone to particular habitual fixations and/or compulsions.  Difficulties with others can arise through jealousy.

Neptune Trine the Moon

This is a very harmonious aspect, making you highly perceptive and sensitive to influences around you. You will be able to pick up on the feelings of others and the mood of the environment with more ease.  Your empathic manner attracts others to you, and you will know how to comfort and heal those in need.  You will have an idealistic outlook on life and will feel quite dreamy and content to go with the flow. You will be easily inspired and have a vivid imagination with the ability to tap into a wide range of creative talents, including music, poetry, painting, and photography. Your dream life will also likely be active. You may possess psychic sensitivity now.

Uranus Sextile the Moon

This is an overall harmonious aspect.   You will have an interest in metaphysical subjects and your own instincts and intuition will be quite pronounced. This energy will give you an uncanny perceptive about people and situations right now also.

Sun Conjunct the Moon

The energy from this aspect makes you feel self-motivated, self-contained and integrated as you tend to be unaffected by others, including partners.  Right now, you can be intensely subjective and disinclined to extend yourself to other people, which can lead to misunderstandings. At times, your drive for recognition can override your emotional needs and vice versa. You enjoy starting enterprises and planting seeds for the future.

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