New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse- October 25, 2022- Astrology by Melody

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New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse- October 25, 2022- Astrology by Melody

This New Moon is also accompanied with a partial Solar Eclipse.   The energies of this New Moon will be intensified due to it also being a Solar Eclipse. It’s an ideal time to practice shadow work with this New Moon being in Scorpio. The shadow self is a counterpoint to the light and is a side to us that is not always easily expressed.  It has usually  been repressed or oppressed.  It can also be seen as an unconscious aspect of your personality that the conscious ego does not identify. Here are some ways you can practice shadow work:

  • Review your childhood memories.
  • Write a letter to your shadow introducing yourself and let it know this is a safe space.
  • Once you become aware of your shadow self, don’t shame, or blame it.
  • Be compassionate with yourself and your experiences, this is a time for healing and self-growth.

You can also practice intention setting and manifestation during this New Moon. You can work with the following Magical Correspondences to intensify your work.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Magical Correspondences


Scorpio Zodiac Signs House Correspondences

Scorpio zodiac signs correspond to the eighth house of the zodiac. The eighth house of the zodiac is all about other people’s money, wills, legacies, inheritances, death, re-birth, and transformation.   For Scorpio, having the ability to transform themselves is a significant life motivator for this zodiac sign.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Crystal and Gemstone Correspondences

Scorpio zodiac signs correspond to the crystals and gemstones of Apache tear, aquamarine, beryl, boji stone, charoite, dioptase, emerald, garnet, green tourmaline, Herkimer diamond, hiddenite, kunzite, malachite, moonstone, obsidian, red spinel, rhodochrosite, ruby, and variscite.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Herb Correspondences

Scorpio zodiac signs correspond to the following herbs: horehound, blackberry leaves, milk thistle, horseradish, toadflax, wormwood, sarsaparilla, black cohosh, blue cohosh, aloe vera, cascara sagrada, cramp bark, dong quai, ginseng, pennyroyal, raspberry leaf, senna, saw palmetto, and false unicorn.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Body Correspondences

Medical Astrology designates certain parts and systems of the body with each of the zodiac signs. Scorpio zodiac signs correspond to the bladder, urethra, genitals, ovaries/testes, prostate, sigmoid colon, and the pubic bone.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Tarot Correspondences

Scorpio zodiac Sign corresponds to the Death Tarot card, and to the number thirteen. The Death card exhibits a transformative energy like the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio also corresponds to the Knight of Cups tarot card, as the Knight of Cups tarot card exhibits a seductive energy like the sign of Scorpio.


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