New Moon in Scorpio- November 15, 2020

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New Moon in Scorpio- November 15, 2020

A New Moon creates a sacred space in time for ritual, focusing on our desires, our dreams, and planting the seeds we wish to see blossom in our lives.  Use this New Moon to inquire deep within, asking yourself what your heart truly desires in this life.  Write down your intentions in detail, open your heart, and prepare for growth.

Scorpio exhibits a water element with a fixed mode. This zodiac sign is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars, making it very volatile. Those born under the sign of Scorpio are deep and emotional individuals. When the Moon is in Scorpio, you, and everyone around you will feel deep and emotional. People will feel a pull between their higher consciousness and their shadow selves.

When the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, it is in its detriment. This signifies that a lot of dark undertones with an emphasis on our shadow selves. People may be drawn to dark and taboo topics within books, television programs, or movies. Some people may feel extra on edge. 

There can be more conflict in relationships when the Moon is in Scorpio. These would be things such as jealousy, competition, control, and power struggles. However, Scorpio energy is also devoted and committed, making way for some relationships to ascend to a deeper level of commitment.

There may be a rise in crime with the New Moon in Scorpio. This is due to Scorpio’s ruling planets of Mars and Pluto, and also to the fact that it is in detriment. This means it functions more so towards its negative energies and attributes, rather than the positive ones.

Scorpio is connected with the 8th house of the zodiac. The 8th house is all about death, rebirth, and transformation. This makes the New Moon in Scorpio exhibit highly transformative energy. This means major life changes and breakthroughs will be occurring.

Scorpio corresponds with the Death card in the Tarot. The Death card also signifies death, re-birth, changes, and transformations. This does not always have to mean literal death, as it can mean an end to one phase or thing, and the beginning of another. 

As always, here are some magical correspondences to work with or meditate upon, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually for the New Moon in Scorpio:

Element- Water

Planets- Mars and Pluto

Tarot- Death

Astrological Planets/Herbs- Basil, Heather, Male Fern, Silverwood.

Tree- Holly

Metal- Iron

Power Gem- Aquamarine

Gems- Topaz, Ruby, Jet.

Color- Purple

Number- 8


Animal- Wolf and Panther

Bird- Eagle, Vulture.

Anatomy Governed-Genitals, Bladder, Urethra, and prostate.

Scents/Oils- Chrysanthemum, pine, rosemary, wormwood, cypress.

Incense- Benzoin.

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