Pisces Season Rituals and Activities

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Pisces Season Rituals and Activities

Pisces is the sign of the fish and and is connected to the 12th  house of the zodiac.  It exhibits a water element with a mutable mode. This flexible energy is deeply introspective, spiritual, psychic, and emotional.  It gives way to great creativity and insight. Pisces asks us to connect to our spirituality and focus on our dreams, our sleep cycles, and our intuition. Here are just a few activities and rituals you can use to help harness the powerful Pisces energy of the season.

Take a relaxing ritual bath- Connect to the element of water and soothe your emotions. 

Get plenty of sleep- this is a period for rest, replenishment, and reflection. Experiment with essential oils such as lavender and cedarwood for sleep. Pamper yourself when sleeping by using comfortable eye masks and/or pillowcases. Make your sleep space a welcoming place of peace, healing, and relaxation.

Keep a Dream Journal- Listen to your dreams to gain powerful insights. Pisces is all about dreams, so make your dream journal a place full of symbolic importance and significance in your life.

Follow your intuition- be open to messages from divination and meditation. Your intuition is always on your side.  It helps you manifest faster. It never fails to support you. Following your intuition points you in the right direction. It always wants the best for you. Another great idea is to pull an oracle card for each week ahead.

Declutter your Space- Remove old items that you no longer use or give them to charity. This will help bring in new energy to your space.

Script and/or Visualize your Ideal Week- Practice positive affirmations, mantras, and guided imagery.  Practice intention setting and planning.

Spend time Reading- Get caught up on some of your favorite books or buy a new book of interest, primarily a book that is based on dreams, spirituality, or metaphysics. 

Go out and Stargaze- Be one with the cosmos and practice gratitude.

Get lost in Art- Let your imagination come alive through art and music. Engage in your favorite crafts and creative projects.

Smoke cleanse your space- Use sage or burn incense in your immediate environment or places you spend a lot of time and energy.

Move your Body- It’s a great time to focus on your body. Pisces rules the feet- so engaging in any type of foot work or foot exercises will help.

Write your to- do List- Get a new planner or calendar where you can write your to do list, daily affirmations, goals, and intention setting.

Recharge your crystals- There are a number of ways you can work with your crystals and Pisces season is an opportune time to do so. Place your crystals throughout your office, bedroom, car, etc. Wear them as necklaces, bracelets, etc.  You can also carry them in your pocket, purse, or bag.  You can also use your crystals in your bath, although take care to not use those that may not be water friendly.  You can meditate with your crystals and include them in your rituals.  Speak intentions over them or use them to create a crystal grid. 

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