Questions to Identify your Twin flame

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Questions to Identify your Twin flame

It can often be a confusing matter when it comes to determining if a person you are connected to or in a relationship with is in fact your twin flame. You can use these questions to help sort this out and know if this is a twin flame connection you are dealing with. As you read the questions, think about your connection/relationship with this person and use these questions to ask yourself honestly. It will help to do this if you are in a quiet place free of distractions where you can solely focus on your connection. How has my life changed since connecting with this person? Twin flame meeting causes a powerful + intense “energetic merge” between twins that sparks or catalyzes spiritual awakening. Life after meeting a twin flame will likely look very different than prior to the meeting as this energy begins to integrate. What led me to first believe this person could be my twin flame?

The Universe often sends signs and synchronicities to assist twins in confirming their connection to the conscious mind. It is our ego that steps in and causes us to doubt these experiences. What is your soul saying? How do I feel in the presence of this person’s energy?

Your twin flame’s energy will instantaneously and always feel like home. Although the energetic magnetic pull can and does manifest as other forms of attraction (physical, emotional, etc), you are aware that the true attraction is deeply energetically based. Is this “the one” I have always felt energetically connected to even prior to the meeting and during times of physical separation? What makes twin flames unique is the “soul monogamy” between them. We have several soulmates (platonic and romantic), but only one twin flame—one other soul in the Universe who shares our identical energetic frequency. This means that of all connections we ever encounter or experience, out twin flame connection will be “the one” that always stands out in the back of our mind, never dissipating regardless of the physical time that passes.

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