Signs the Universe is Contacting You

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Signs the Universe is Contacting You

Dreams- Pay attention to your dreams (especially themes and signs or symbols that stick out to you- like a bright red tomato in the middle of a field for example). Research these things upon waking to find the message. Since dreaming puts us in altered state, we are closer to the spirit world. This is a time when our spirit guides can try to get our attention through visions, noises, feelings, and sounds in the dream world. They can also communicate with us telepathically easier when we are in the dream state.

“Coincidences”- If you start having a ton of coincidences or synchronicities, as in too many to ignore, it generally means you are on the right path to alignment. An example would be thinking of someone right before they call, being in the right place at the right time, seeing repeating numbers, etc. Which leads us to discuss seeing repeated numbers and number sequences next……

Seeing Repeated Numbers and Number Sequences- Often, you may notice you keep seeing the same numbers or sequences of numbers in different places. These numbers could appear in your dreams or in waking life. This is usually a sign your angels are trying to communicate with you and get your attention. For example, Angel Number 333 tells you to walk your own unique path and be your authentic self. It also has a great spiritual significance.  If you see Angel Number 333, you may be going through a spiritual awakening of some sort.  Another example would be if you see Angel Number 111, your angels are telling you to use you to be confident and brave with whatever you are facing. Angel Number 111 also speaks utilizing your leaderships skills and facing any of your fears head on.

Other People- Oftentimes, the Universe can use other people to deliver messages to you. If  a person (it does not matter if they are random or if your know them), has ever said something to you that you needed to hear in that exact moment (especially if they did not know it), odds are, this is what was happening.

Inconveniences- Minor inconveniences may not be a direct form of contact per se, but they can be a way that the Universe protects and guides us. Let’s say you break something on accident and have to “waste” 5 minutes cleaning it up before you leave the house.  Had you left 5 minutes earlier, you could have gotten in a bad accident.  Always trust that things are working for your highest good, and they will.

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