Signs you’re Connecting to a Past Life

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Signs you’re Connecting to a Past Life

Irrational Fears- You may find that you have certain fears that you cannot explain. Examples could be certain phobias or there could be certain triggers that bring out your fear. These triggers could be people, places, smells, scents, and feelings. A very common example could be a fear of water. This could signify you had a past life where you drowned or nearly did.

Recurring Dreams- You may have recurring dreams of people, places, events, or feelings that you cannot explain. For example, you might dream of driving or traveling to a certain area repeatedly, yet you do not even know where it is exactly or why you are dreaming it. You could in fact be tuning into glimpses of where you lived one of your past lives.

Soul Connections- You may feel an undeniable bond and familiarity with someone you have just met because you shared a past life with them.

Feeling drawn toward ancient cultures and civilizations- You may find yourself drawn to a certain time period, culture, food, or way of living. For example, you may collect statues of knights, castles, and/or swords because you had a past life in a Medieval era. Or you may collect ancient Egyptian artifacts because of your past life in Egypt.

Frequent Déjà vu- You may get an eerily familiar feeling in waking life that you cannot explain when you pass a certain place, see a certain person, taste a certain type of food, or feel a certain type of feeling. Referred to as Déjà vu, you are tapping into fragments of a past life.

Learn a Powerful Past Life Regression Technique

Besides using Astrology, such as studying the placement of the South Lunar Node in your Natal Chart for example, to find out about your past lives, some people may wish to dig even deeper by participating in a past life regression. It is recommended to undergo a past life regression with a professional hypnotist, however, you can also choose to do self-hypnosis.

Past Life Regression: The Christos Method

A powerful technique for exploring past lives is called the Christos technique. This powerful visualization technique that hypnotist Jaquelin Parkhurst described in a published article back in the 1970’s. Learn all about this method in my class, “Karmic Astrology, Destiny, and Past Lives Masterclass.”

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