Spring Equinox, Moon, & Planetary Astrological Forecast- March 20, 2024

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Spring Equinox, Moon, & Planetary Astrological Forecast- March 20, 2024

The Spring Equinox has also arrived! Now is the time to start planting new seeds and to create something new.  It is also a great time to set your intentions and goals for the season.  It is time to step into the light, as the days will start to stay brighter longer.

Here are some questions to help you brainstorm and get you working with the Spring Equinox energies:

  • What do I feel inspired to create?
  • What clutter should I get rid of so that I can clear and recharge my space?
  • What baking or cooking would I like to do for this occasion?
  • How can I get in touch with nature and start spending some more time outdoors?

The Moon will be in Leo today. Let’s take a more in depth look at the overall energies, attributes, and themes you can expect for the  Moon on this day.  Let’s also look at  the major planetary aspects that the Moon will be making, along with overall collective energies surrounding love and communication.

Moon in Leo

When the Moon is in Leo, you will radiate a warm and sunny disposition. You will have an emotional need to be liked and acknowledged, coupled with a strong need to give and receive affection. You will now find yourself at the center of attention, whether you want it or not.  In your home and family  life, you will tend to feel responsible towards others and will take charge of situations.   Alternatively, you can be just plain bossy and domineering right now. Be careful because you can also be prone to extravagance and exaggeration.

The Moon will form a Trine with Mercury

This is a positive aspect, emitting positive energy.  Your thoughts will now be influenced by your feelings and vice versa. You will be highly perceptive now and can easily sense the moods and feelings of others.  Your mind is both fertile, imaginative, and hungry for knowledge. You are an instinctual student and teacher, whose understanding of a subject is emotionally based. Articulate and able to impart knowledge effortlessly, you have a good memory and may be a good storyteller.

The Moon will form a Square with Jupiter

This aspect can be challenging. Philosophical and religious questions may occupy your mind right now; however, you can experience personal conflicts over matters of outlook and spiritual beliefs.  You may have connections with overseas countries through travel or international business contracts.  Negatively, there can be a tendency to laziness and over-indulgence in pleasure-seeking activities.

Venus will be in Pisces

You will be feeling highly romantic and have a deep longing for love.  You now have the capacity to give whole-heartedly in love and to make great sacrifices.  However, there is a risk of being taken advantage of by others, or of being susceptible to seducing influences. There is the potential for disappointment or deception in love. You will also have an appreciation of the arts and music now.

Mercury will be in Aries

With Mercury in Aries, you will feel extra mentally alert, and you will process and understand things quickly.  You will be eager to argue a point and compete with others intellectually.  You can also make decisions quickly and supply a ready answer when challenged. In working situations, you can be inspiring and inclined to take the lead in discussions.  You have bold ideas and will stand up for yourself.  Negatively, you can also be sharp-tongued and quarrelsome now.


Spring Solstice (Ostara) Magical Correspondences

Symbolism: Fertility, Hares, Rebirth, Renewal, planting new seeds, the Moon.

Colors: pastel colors, green, yellow, white.

Crystals: rose quartz, moonstone, aquamarine, jasper, amethyst.

Herbs: lavender, lemon balm, four-leaf clover, dogwood, thyme, rose, honeysuckle.

Foods: cheese, eggs, salads, seeds, chocolate, honey cakes, milk.


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