Summer Solstice (Midsummer)- June 21, 2022- Astrology by Melody

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Summer Solstice (Midsummer)- June 21, 2022- Astrology by Melody

“ As the Sun spirals its longest dance, cleanse us as nature shows bounty and fertility. Bless us and let all things live with loving intent, and to fulfill their truest destiny.”

The Summer Solstice marks a time for recreation, outdoors, fun, and adventure. Astrologically, the Sun is the ruler of Leo, and relates to the 5th zodiacal house. This is a time to soak up the Sun’s rays, feel invigorated, and re-energized.  The energy is fresh and light-hearted. Some activities include making sun-catchers, sun crowns, and sun tea.

Now is the time to journal about some of your plans, goals, and agendas for the Summer Solstice.   Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you work with the energies of the Summer Solstice:

  • How can I benefit from the Sun’s rays?
  • How can I connect with the power of the Sun?
  • What recreational activities, trips, and celebrations would I like to engage in this Summer?
  • How can I attract abundance and prosperity?

Some Rituals to Celebrate the Summer Solstice:

Collect Herbs for the Season- You can celebrate the summer season by gathering plants and herbs. Five common Celtic sacred plants associated with Midsummer are: St. John’s Wort, Vervain, Yarrow, Fern, and mugwort. 

Gather with others to create a circle or spiral- You can exchange songs in your circle, stories, and poems.  You can also dance, sing, and incorporate drum playing to celebrate.

Create a Sun Wheel or Mandala- This would be a symbol of the circle of life and connectedness.  You can create your Sun wheel or Mandala from flowers or things found in nature.  

Keep a Sacred Fire Burning- Any size fire is fine. You can have a big bonfire with friends and loved ones, or simply light a candle.

Make a Prayer Stick or Prayer Tree- Once you create your Prayer Stick or Prayer Tree, you can place specific prayers for those who need healing on it.  You can also make a prayer for the return to peace where there is no peace, and also for vibrancy and good health in the areas of the world where there is now poverty and scarcity.

Summer Solstice Magical Correspondences

Here are some magical correspondences you can work to invoke the energies of the Summer Season and to work in your favor:

Symbolism: Renewal, potential, action, abundance.

Colors: yellow, orange, red, pink.

Crystals: agate, amber, tiger’s eye, fluorite, pearl, moonstone.

Herbs: elder flower, fennel, thyme, chamomile.

Foods: cheese, pastries, wine, potato salad.


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