Sun Enters Virgo- August 23, 2023

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Sun Enters Virgo- August 23, 2023

The Sun enters the practical and nurturing sign of Virgo today! Let’s have a look at the energies of the day, as well as any major aspects the Moon will be making.

The Sun is in Virgo

With the Sun in Virgo, you will be feeling analytical, coupled with an appreciation of order, and you will have a practical approach to things. Precise and exacting work is your forte right now, and you will be exceptionally talented when attention to detail is required.  You will have a critical nature and the ability to offer constructive criticism wherever appropriate. However, be careful not to come off as overly critical or ready to point out fault.

The Sabian Symbols

The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 mystical messages (that make up an image also), that are associated with each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. They have also often been referred to as an Astrological oracle.  They were channeled by a clairvoyant in 1925 from the mystical Sabian brotherhood source.  


The Sun’s Sabian Symbol for 1st degree of Virgo today is: (It gives us a message/meaning/vision surrounding the overall energies for the Sun in Virgo:


An idealized portrait in a fancy frame.


Self-awareness; identifying and analyzing one's strengths and weaknesses, one's values and motivations; being true to oneself and one's viewpoint; self-consistency; seeing oneself as one is vs. false fronts; cultivating character through honest self-criticism vs. letting oneself go to seed (The Picture of Dorian Gray; secrets come under public scrutiny); looking to the judgment of posterity-how one will be remembered after death; curiosity about other types of people; superficial vs. penetrating readings of others (getting beyond one's prejudices); observing a hierarchy of responsibilities-first to oneself, then to family, coworkers, and country; simplifying one's life by limiting one's involvements (meddlesome); determination to realize one's innate potentials.


Moon in Scorpio

The Moon is now in Scorpio. This shows that you will be feeling deep and emotional, with a tendency to feel things intensely. You currently may feel secretive and suspicious of others. You can expect some emotional dramas to resurface right now. Conflicts are possible with family members. If slighted or hurt, you can be unforgiving and bear grudges. You may hold your feelings in. You are prepared to fight for what you believe in.


The Moon will be sextile to Mercury and Mars.  This energy makes your thoughts influenced by your feelings and vice versa. You will feel highly perceptive and will easily sense the mood and feelings of others around you. You are not articulate and able to impart knowledge effortlessly, and you currently have a heightened sense of memory for storytelling and recollecting. You will enjoy keeping busy right now and initiating new projects and enterprises.


The Moon will Square Venus, which can be an overall challenging aspect.  You currently know how to live and how to enjoy the good things in life. You have a sense of fun and a liking for parties with the potential for over-indulgence and extravagance, so be careful. Positively, you have a high artistic potential right now, especially in painting, photography, and/or music.


The Moon will form a Trine with Neptune. This energy will make you highly perceptive and sensitive to influences around you. You will be able to pick up on the feelings of others and the mood of your environment.  Your empathetic manner will attract others to you, and you will be of great comfort to heal those in need. You feel quite dreamy and content, and just ready to go with the flow.  You are easily inspired to have a vivid imagination with the ability to tap into a wide range of creative talents, including music, poetry, painting, and photography. Your dream life is also likely to be active now. You may even possess acute psychic sensitivity now.


The Moon will form an Opposition with Jupiter, another challenging aspect.  Philosophical and religious questions may occupy your mind now; however, you can experience personal conflicts over matters of outlook and spiritual beliefs. You may now be in contact or come into contact with connections from overseas countries through travel or international business. Negatively, this aspect can make you prone to laziness and over-indulgence in pleasure-seeking activities.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Magical Correspondences


Here are some magical correspondences you can work with to help you harness the energies of the Sun in Virgo:

Virgo Zodiac Signs House Correspondence

Virgo zodiac signs correspond to the sixth house of the zodiac. The sixth house of the zodiac is all about service and health.   For Virgo, being of great service and dedication to something or someone is a significant life motivator for this zodiac sign.

Virgo Zodiac Signs Crystal and Gemstone Correspondences

Virgo zodiac signs correspond to the crystals and gemstones of amazonite, amber, blue topaz, carnelian, chrysocolla, citrine, dioptase, garnet, magnetite, moonstone, moss agate, opal, peridot, purple obsidian, rubellite, rutilated quartz, sapphire, sardonyx, smithsonite, sodalite, sugilite, and okenite.

Virgo Zodiac Signs Herb Correspondences

Virgo zodiac signs correspond to the following herbs: skullcap, blackberry, dill, fennel, flax, and plantain.

Virgo Zodiac Signs Food Correspondences

Virgo zodiac signs correspond to endive, millet, corn, wheat, barley, oats, rye, rice, potatoes, carrots, turnips, swedes; all vegetables that grow under the earth, and nuts.

Virgo Zodiac Signs Body Correspondences

Medical Astrology designates certain parts and systems of the body with each of the zodiac signs. Virgo zodiac signs correspond to the intestines, duodenum, Peyer’s patches, solar plexus, abdomen, and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Virgo Zodiac Signs Tarot Correspondences

The Virgo zodiac Sign corresponds to the Queen of Pentacles Tarot card, and to the number six. The Queen of Pentacles card exhibits nurturing and tactful energy like the zodiac sign of Virgo. The zodiac sign of Virgo rules the Hermit tarot card, as the Hermit tarot card exhibits a service-oriented energy like the sign of Virgo.   


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