The Astrology of Crystal Reiki: Planet Correspondences and Invocations

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The Astrology of Crystal Reiki: Planet Correspondences and Invocations

Harnessing the Power of the Planets & Zodiac Signs 

Just as crystals correspond to chakras, the planets of our Solar System also correspond to the chakras.  Each chakra is ruled by a planet.  Each chakra possesses similar characteristics of their ruling planets.  Just as Crystals have different chakra correspondences, the planets and zodiac signs also do.  Here, we will discuss Zodiac Signs/Planets and Chakra correspondences.  Next in this section, we will then go on to introduce some Astrological Invocations that can be used during your Crystal Reiki sessions. 

Zodiac Signs, Planets & Chakra Correspondences

As above, so below.  The seven Chakras within us are like a reflection of the entire solar system.  Humans can be seen as microcosmos of the macrocosms.  This energy is all connected. 

Aries- Mars Rules Aries, it also rules the Root Chakra. 

Taurus-Venus rules Taurus. It also rules the Heart Chakra.

Gemini- Mercury rules Gemini. Mercury rules the Sacral Chakra.

Cancer-The Moon rules Cancer. It also rules the Crown Chakra.

Leo- The Sun rules Leo. It also rules the 3rd eye Chakra. The planet Neptune has also been said to rule the 3rd eye chakra.

Virgo- Mercury rules Virgo. Mercury rules the Sacral Chakra.

Libra- Venus rules Libra. It also rules the Heart Chakra.

Scorpio- Mars rules Scorpio. It also rules the Root Chakra.

Sagittarius- Jupiter rules Sagittarius. It also rules the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Capricorn- Saturn rules Capricorn. It also rules the Throat Chakra.

Aquarius- Saturn rules Aquarius. It also rules the Throat Chakra.

Pisces- Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune also corresponds to the 3rd eye chakra.

Planet Invocations

When treating a certain chakra, the planet of correspondence (or the chakra’s ruling planet), should be invoked for healing.  This can be done by reciting an invocation.  The following are planet invocations you can recite aloud.  You can use the exact invocation or modify it as you feel called to. You can also make your own. These are examples to go by.

Mercury- We invoke the intelligence of Mercury.  We ask for further knowledge and knowing regarding ___________ (the ailment).  We ask for a quick and complete healing.

Venus- We call upon the Goddess of Love & Beauty to assist us in this divine intervention.  We ask for inspiration and manifestation of healing love. 

Mars- We invoke Mars for a bold and courageous healing.  We invoke the spirit of resiliency and strength.  We invoke the spirit of the great warrior for rejuvenation. 

Saturn- We invoke Saturn to teach us the ways of healing.  Oh, Great Lord of Karma, bestow upon us your wisdom and perseverance in adversities. 


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