The Manifestation Mindset

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The Manifestation Mindset

The Wanting Mindset

The wanting mindset can be described as not being sure about what you want, but still feeling incomplete.  It can also consist of overthinking about how things can go in all possible directions. The wanting mindset can also consist of being shortsighted and too narrow in the perspective of what you want (you want true love, but instead you want to be with a specific person who may not be the best for this experience).

The Manifesting Mindset

The manifesting mindset consists of being assertive about what it is you want. It also consist of not worrying about the how, just setting all of your intentions on the what. You shouldn’t fixate on wanting specific things or people, but on experiences instead. (Example- true love vs. being with a specific person).

How to Activate your Manifesting Mindset 

  • Changing your perspective from passively waiting to actively creating.
  • Focus very clearly on what you really want.
  • Ask the universe, then do the necessary work to achieve your goals.
  • Believe what you want will happen and trust the process.
  • Replacing expectations with plans.
  • Always taking initiative.
  • Being your biggest supporter, no one else wants you to succeed more than yourself.
  • Giving less importance to difficulties and prioritizing opportunities.
  • Release your intentions into the Universe and let them go.

9 Habits to Manifest More

  • Trusting the universe always gives you what serves you best.
  • Knowing what you want.
  • Making space by letting go of things you no longer need.
  • Being thankful in general, not about specific things or people.
  • Affirming, and not asking.
  • Organizing your ideas to prioritize what you want.
  • Creating it, not waiting for someone to give it to you.
  • Focus on experiences and not things.
  • Be assertive, don’t let fear interfere.

How to Change your Vocabulary to Manifest More

  • Instead of saying you hope something happens, say it is happening.
  • Instead of saying you would like to have something, say you already have it, and it is yours.
  • Instead of saying you wish you could do something, say that you are already doing it.
  • Instead of saying you need something, say that you affirm that you already have it.

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