The Mystery of the Sabian Symbols and what they can mean for You:

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The Mystery of the Sabian Symbols and what they can mean for You:

Where did Sabian Symbols within the Zodiac Signs originate?

The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 phrases that make up every degree of the zodiac signs.   They have a very mysterious origin and history behind them.  Historically, they originate from the Sabian tribe. The Sabian tribe was a mystical brotherhood from Mesopotamia.  In 1925, in San Diego, California, the Sabian tribe’s messages were channeled through the clairvoyant, Elsie Wheeler, with help from Astrologer Marc Edmund Jones.  All 360 messages were channeled in just one day.  Marc Edmund Jones believed that Elsie Wheeler had tapped into the “ancient mind matrix” of the Sabian occult brotherhood.  Jones wrote, “psychism seems to deal (a) sort of group identity, or with an intelligence which is immortal in the fact that it can be revivified and consulted at will.”

What are Sabian Symbols within the Zodiac Signs?

A Sabian phrase accompanies every degree of the zodiac.  Some of the phrases are only two words while some are much longer.   Each phrase corresponds to the specific zodiac sign degree.  They are symbolic of the meaning of that particular zodiac sign’s degree.  The symbols describe each zodiac sign’s degree by using a sort of metaphoric language.   The Sabian Symbols start at Aries 1 and complete at Pisces 30.  Each phrase holds a unique message and energy all their own.   Some artistic interpretations of the phrases have been done to create a visual interpretation.   It is the symbol behind this phrase and/or artistic visual creation association that we must strive to understand. We must seek the answers in a multi-faceted way to see how these symbols and their messages ring true to our lives.

How do you find your Sabian Symbols within the Zodiac Signs? 

All you need to know is the exact degree of each point you would like your Sabian Symbol for.  The symbols that are most significant for you are those that are located at the planets’ positions or those located at the house cusps.  You can find out what they are through a birth chart reading or an astrological destiny and past life reading, which looks at your north and south lunar node placements, and special celestial points that have to do with your current destiny and past.

Sabian Symbols and their Phrases within the Zodiac Signs.

Here are some examples of some 0-1 Degree Sabian Symbols and their Zodiac degree correspondences.

  • Degree Aries- A woman just risen from the sea; a seal is embracing her.
  • Degree Taurus- A clear mountain stream.
  • Degree Gemini- A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders.
  • Degree Cancer- On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.
  • Degree Leo- Blood rushes to a man’s head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of ambition.
  • Degree Virgo- In a portrait, the significant features of a man’s head are artistically emphasized.
  • Degree Libra- In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine art.
  • Degree Scorpio- A crowded sightseeing bus on a city street.
  • Degree Sagittarius- Retired army veterans gather to reawaken old memories.
  • Degree Capricorn- An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe.
  • Degree Aquarius- An old Adobe mission in California.
  • Degree Pisces- In a crowded marketplace farmers and middlemen display a great variety of products.

More about the Sabian Symbols:

You may find resonance with some of the messages, meanings, and images invoked by the Sabian Symbols, while others may leave you feeling perplexed. That is normal, as some of these messages do not reveal themselves to you until certain parts of your life journey, while others may be speaking of one of your past incarnations.


The Sabian Symbols often speak metaphorically and symbolically and are to be taken in a context that personally resonates with your own life.  Sometimes, you can see a repeated Sabian Symbol.  Basically, the repeats exhibit an amplification of the energies surrounding the message/symbol. They can be complicated and complex and are shrouded in mystery.  They are basically oracle messages integrated into the degrees of the zodiac. Some can refer to your current life in some way, and some to a past life, depending on where they are located. There are even some that can be applied to both your past life and current life, as a lot of past life energy/lessons/attributes/karma follows us over into our current incarnation.


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