The Rune Stones Oracle

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The Rune Stones Oracle

The Rune Stones, with their ancient origins, have long been used by Mystical Shamans and the Vikings.  They serve as an Oracle that originated from an ancient writing system that was used for Germanic languages.  They are a part of the oldest oracle known to mankind.  They were used by tribal leaders to learn the will of the Gods.  They have long been casted and read for inspiration and insight. 

The Rune Symbols are made up of the glyphs or letters from the Germanic alphabet.  From earliest record times they were known as runen- “a secret thing, a mystery.” There are 24 runic symbols. In addition, there is one blank one.   These glyphs and letters were engraved, carved and/or painted onto stones. 

 What exactly do the Rune Stones Mean? 

Each Rune has an ancient meaning.   However, they have evolved and been used in multiple contexts.    For example, the Rune, Mannaz, in the ancient rune tradition, means the self.  This can stand for a man, a woman or all human- kind.  It has also been used in a healing context, (or as it relates to healing), meaning innocence.  Finally, it has been used in the context of relationships.  In this sphere, it stands for loving kindness. 

Here is a list of the Rune’s Germanic Name and ancient meaning:

  1. Mannaz-The Self
  2. Gebo-Partnership
  3. Ansuz-Signals
  4. Othila-Separation
  5. Uruz-Strength
  6. Perth-Initiation
  7. Nauthiz-Constraint
  8. Inguz-Fertility
  9. Eihwaz-Defence
  10. Algiz-Protection
  11. Fehu-Possessions
  12. Wunjo-Joy
  13. Jera-Harvest
  14. Kano-Opening
  15. Teiwaz-Warrior
  16. Berkana-Growth
  17. Ehwaz-Movement
  18. Laguz-Flow
  19. Hagalaz-Disruption
  20. Raido-Journey
  21. Thurisaz-Gateway
  22. Dagaz-Breakthrough
  23. Isa-Standstill
  24. Sowelu-Wholeness
  25. Blank Rune-Unknowable

A Divine Invocation:

Before consulting the Rune oracle, or drawing a Rune, it is best to say an Invocation.  This will call upon divine forces to be of counsel.  You can choose any words in your invocation that are sacred and meaningful to you.   Here is an example of an excellent invocation from the book, “Relationship Runes”, by Ralph Blum and Bronwyn Jones, that can be used before consulting the Rune Oracle:

“We do not know your holy name; we only know you are the One from whom all blessings flow.  So, it is right and good and only fitting that we stand before you now in listening and in prayer, only proper that we rehearse your presence.  Every step of our days together, each moment on our journey home, this journey, so magnificent when our wills and thine align.  O You whose ways are our ways when we let them be, Hear our prayer. 

Provide us with a set of sacred tools, whose right use can be lovingly detected in each other’s eyes; Tools that lose their benediction on our ancient bondage and heal us from all wounds of separation; tools that, in our hands, define us as your children. And so, we offer up the fruit of this our prayer, help us, we pray, to bring it forth. From the highest possible place; and for the greatest possible good.”


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